Grand Gaming Frenzy


Provided by: Fansided

GTA V follows the stories of three characters.

“Dude, I’m getting so good at running away from cops!”

“I stole 12 cars yesterday!”

Conversations like these are frequently heard not only on the West Ranch campus, but also on most schools in the United States.

Is it a new trend among teenagers to associate themselves with felonies? Somewhat.

The answer to this question can be found on social media sites, which were attacked with tweets, posts, or messages with three letters: GTA.

Is GTA a new nationwide gang? No.

GTA is a widely known acronym for Grand Theft Auto, a line of games that Rockstar Games debuted in 1997. Since then it has made 14 games over 10 gaming platforms, with the latest edition, Grand Theft Auto V, which came out Sept. 17.

The open-world, free roam styled gameplay of the GTA series portrays criminal protagonists that you control to complete brash, unlawful, and addictively fun missions. The iconic games are also known for the arsenal of the many semi-realistic activities they allow the player to do, such as going to clubs, stealing vehicles, and a vast number of other things I’m probably not allowed to disclose in a high school newspaper.

OK, so they’ve been doing this for the past 16 years. What’s so special about just another GTA?

Actually, GTA V is not just another game. It’s been a long five year wait, and an even longer one for hardcore fans since GTA IV. In those five years, Rockstar Games worked to produce a product that would hold the esteem and hype of the GTA franchise. They carefully constructed a game with both signature GTA styled gaming and a new twist: the interaction of not one, not two, but three protagonists. And with this special formula that has yielded Rockstar games huge success in the gaming industry, GTA V managed to sell over 15 million units worldwide; they are projected to sell up to 25 million in the first year alone.

The plot focuses on three criminal anti-heroes’ stories that slowly but surely become one. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin develop special abilities that are unlocked as the game progresses, and the abilities help you complete each mission.

Within GTA V, Rockstar games integrated highlights from other titles such as Midnight Club and Red Dead Redemption. The handles from the Midnight Club series significantly improved the driving in GTA V, and the level of scenery matches that of Red Dead Redemption, which allows the player to experience a natural, and bigger world.

Another progressive feature of GTA V is the GTA Online that comes along with it. Projected to release in early October, this new gamemode will allow players to wreak havoc as they do in single player mode, but with up to 15 other friends. This is very anticipated as it brings Grand Theft Auto to a whole new level.

“I’m really looking forward to [online],” said sophomore Eric Sonheim. “From watching trailers for the multiplayer, I can tell that it will have me hooked.”

Sonheim has been a fan of the franchise and was one of the many students nationwide who preordered and bought the newest edition to the GTA series the day it came out.

GTA V. If you’re a guy, you’ll probably find yourself playing it at a friend’s house, or with a copy of your own. And for you girls with friends that are guys, don’t expect much contact from them for the next month or two, unless you’re playing with them.

When will this GTA frenzy die down? I cannot say. But I wouldn’t be surprised if GTA turns out to ruin many GPA’s.