Beware for a New Wave of “The Walking Dead”


“The Walking Dead” is currently in their latest season, and fans anticipate every episode

What do people love? Zombies. What do people love more than zombies? A show about people trying to avoid becoming zombies themselves while shooting and killing their way through flesh-eating zombies.

The producers over at AMC’s “The Walking Dead” seem to have grasped this concept as they made their way through three successful seasons and are currently on their fourth.

“The Walking Dead” is a television show that premiered in 2010, and is based off of a comic series of the same name. The horror series revolves around Rick Grimes, a former police officer who awakens from a coma to find himself in a world full of zombies.

Throughout the first three seasons, which comprise of a total of 35 episodes, Rick navigates his way through the “walker” infested world to locate his wife and son after arming himself before venturing to Atlanta, where he hopes to find his family. Rick discovers that his destination has been taken over by zombies, but finds his family nearby with a band of survivors. Rick becomes a leader in this small community, and the seasons two and three reflect on how he leads the group away from walkers as they try to seek an answer to stop the apocalypse.

This story is comprised of bits and pieces from every genre. It has horror, action, adventure, thrill, and even romance all rolled up into one show. This diversity within the show revolving around the popular idea of a zombie apocalypse has made this show successful over the past three years.

Fans have been anticipating season four, in which they hope to have many of their questions answered.

Hold on to your seats, and beware for wave number four of “The Walking Dead.”