Lady Gaga’s Eccentric New Dress

70 inches off the ground!

Lady Gaga is a fairly eminent American pop star who is known for her eccentric wardrobe and catchy music. Although she is adored by fans everywhere for the songs she creates, the outfits she wears when she performs can be easily set into a creative league of their own.

Recently, Gaga unveiled her newest dress, “Volantis,” at a press conference in a warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The name sounds strange and just a little like a clever aviation device. That’s because it is.

How Volantis Works
How Volantis Works

“Volantis” has a chest-to-knee female silhouette to fit to Mother Monster and a circular platform she can stand on, but the crème da la crème are the six hexagon-patterned booms with electric motors that allow her to fly. These provide power to two carbon fiber propeller blades able to lift her above the grounds. Lift is created by combined thrust force from pusher and puller propellers in all six booms.

“I hope today marks a change in pop. Not just for me.” Gaga said at the unveiling.

Gaga is known for wanting to share her dreams with the world, and she’s stated that she hopes people will one day want a “Volantis” of their own. “Volantis” is battery-operated and there are plans in the future to upgrade it.