“Non-Stop” Should Really Stop

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    The latest Liam Neeson action thriller “Non-Stop” has people talking, hitting the American sore-spot by focusing in on airline safety. The 2014 film stars Neeson as Bill Marks, that no-good ex-cop who can’t seem to get a break. An alcoholic with a past that nearly justifies the whiskey, he boards an international flight to London to fulfill his duties as an air-marshall.

Not a very good one at that, with smoking onboard and other various Federal Aviation violations, but Marks is put to the test when he begins receiving threatening messages that a mysterious passenger on the flight is going to kill someone every twenty minutes until their demands are met. Stuck at 40,000 feet, Marks is racing the clock to save his plane and find the mysterious murderer.

    That’s about where the suspense ends. “Non-Stop” is interesting in it’s appearance and setting; it’s actually quite unsettling about how easily the safety of an aircraft can supposedly be compromised.

Neeson can pull off these sort of movies; in fact, you could argue it’s the only thing he can do. But without a physical, leering antagonist to fight off, the movie loses it’s luster. Using text bubbles as the main means of communication between good and evil is boring, leaving the audience reading the script for half the movie.

    The graphics and general editing cannot be commented on with the fullest genuity, as the showing I attended was the first for an audience and the film is still incomplete in that respect. However, “Non-Stop” could have got by with all the flaws had the scenery changed and kept the viewers awake. About 90% of the film is in the plane, which is expected as the main setting, but they couldn’t be creative with a few flashbacks? An explanation for all the little backstory hints they sprinkled through the dialogue? Nothing besides gray speckled walls?

    “Non-Stop” is a Liam Neeson movie that’s rather dry for the eyes, but manages to pull off a little suspense and action because that is what Neeson does best. The film is set to hit theaters February 2014, but I would suggest saving your money and waiting a little longer for the Redbox release.