Wango Tango 2014: A Little Bit of Everything


Chris Godley

Wango Tango, the annual day-long concert produced by KIIS FM, filled the StubHub Stadium last Saturday with all the artists usually on rotation for LA’s number one hit music station. The annual concert has been running since 1998 with a long-standing attraction to all the A-List artists. The lineup this year had the crowd pulsing with energy. Here are the highlights:


Maroon 5

The band who made their first Wango Tango debut in 2004 returned to the stage again. Real-time tweets that scrolled across the side screens were bursting with a mixed reaction of outrage and adoration of front-man Adam Levine’s blonde locks. Yet even as audience members tweeted about his #questionabledecisions the band took over the stadium with a set mixed with fan favorites old and new. As expected, they were the starting point to the rest of the night’s biggest names and took off with a roaring start. “One More Night,” “This Love,” “Lucky Strike,” “Love Somebody,” “Moves Like Jagger” and “Pay Phone” were all strong choices for the show.

Calvin Harris

As Maroon 5 faded off into the sunset, Calvin Harris prepped the stadium for the night-times festivities. He was only the second electronic dance music (EDM) artist to hit the stage, after the earlier Chainsmokers, but certainly not the last. The crowd was eager to wave their green glowsticks in the air and Harris made sure to give them the opportunity. Under the dark sky the concert took on a rave-like atmosphere during his performance, the floorboards actually shaking as people jumped in time with the beat drop. There is probably only a small percentage of the audience that had any idea what his songs are actually called or even when one stopped and the other began. Yet it was the perfect way to kick off the night portion of the concert.



The energy didn’t stop there. As Harris left the stage, a green and orange streaked head popped out onto the stage with contagious excitement. Opening with “Misery Business” Hayley Williams brought out incredible talent to match her endless enthusiasm. A teenage girl was brought onstage to sing the bridge while Williams bounced from one end of the stage to the other. They graced the audience with only four songs, but left quite the impression.

“How many of you have never been to a Paramore show before?” Williams asked the audience, to a large number of cheers. “Welcome to the family,” she said. “You’re in, and you’re never getting out!”


Ed Sheeran

Concert organizers made a fatal flaw in leaving this red-haired Brit as the second to last act of the night. Sheeran could have easily closed out the show as his set was anything but slow. As always, he took on the stage with just his guitar and loop station: a way for him to create his songs on the spot, recording beats and being able to control when the start and stop with the pedals. “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” “The A-Team,” “Lego House” and his end credits song for “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug,” “I See Fire,” were all hits as the audience feverishly sang back whatever they could. Of course, Sheeran stopped in the middle of a song to freestyle on the spot with blinding speed. If you could manage to pry your eyes away from the spectacle, it was almost comical how many jaws were dropped in the audience. His talent commanded the arena before he finished things off with his newest single, “Sing,” with the audience’s chorus of “Ohs” reverberating even after he left the stage.


Many other talents took the stage during the all-day event, including the likes of Shakira, OneRepublic, and even a pregnant Christina Aguilera. The StubHub Center pulsed with energy all throughout the concert until Tiësto closed off the late night as the final EDM artist. Saturday’s event officially kicked off summer concert season, Wango Tango leaving the bar set high for the rest of the music festivals in the months to come.