Godzilla Makes a Smashing Comeback


Warner Bros.

The newest edition to the 1954 franchise, “Godzilla” opened this past weekend with a smashing $93.2 million according to Box Office Mojo. The film far surpassed the expected $70 million with some help from leading humans Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad” and Aaron Taylor-Johnson of “Kick-Ass” fame. Yet it feels as if the human subplots dragged through the first hour, weighing heavily on the performance of Ken Watanabe (“Inception”, “Batman Begins”) as he was the only believable character and was lucky enough to get the best lines, making the human parts of the movie at least a little enjoyable.

But let’s just get to the monsters. Here, the actual story begins, where the audience is introduced to two new especially screechy extraterrestrials. First the flying male, Hokmuto, and then the towering female, Femuto, two members of the same species that just so happen to love to eat radioactive material. But wait, there’s more! Literally, as the audience is delighted to find the 800-plus spawnlings are looking for a place to call home sweet home. All thanks to human arrogance and the over-extended hand of scientific research, these two little monstrous mistakes fit the bill of worthy villains to Godzilla.

It takes exactly 60 minutes to get to him, but his overpowering presence is well worth the wait. Anybody who has seen the classic Godzilla films knows the monsters looked a little silly, but thanks to CGI, every single scale ripples with each thundering step. He looks both realistic and threatening enough that small children might need to proceed with caution. Once the film’s namesake becomes involved, the real action kicks off and leaves the audience on the edge of their seat. Forget the humans hiding away in the subways, the city is just an arena for the king of monsters to regain his title.

If you want to see the film just because you’re a Walter White fan, save your money and Redbox it. Cranston is merely a plot opener and sticks around for maybe a half hour. But if you want to get the real, spine chilling Godzilla experience, catch it in IMAX. Your ears will ring with every roar and you’ll see his razor sharp teeth glisten with rain. The movie itself is every bit beautifully detailed that it’s worth the extra cash. But of course, you’ll have to be at least a little okay with decapitation and minutes of screaming that will make your head spin. After all, you are watching a true monster movie.