Michael Jackson makes another “Xscape”


Provided by: MJ World

“Xscape” hit store shelves early May.

On May 9, the King of Pop made yet another return to the musical world with his second posthumously released compilation album, “Xscape.” The album is comprised of eight original Michael Jackson tracks that didn’t make the cut for the albums that he released during the peak of his career. The original tracks were modernized by a team of producers led by Timbaland. The deluxe version of the album allows fans to hear the exact altercations the producers made as the it provides both remixed and original versions of the songs. I personally enjoyed hearing the original versions of the songs as it allowed me to judge the producers’ work.

This process succeeded in giving the songs a contemporary twist, but the original tracks alone would have been enough to satisfy the ears of MJ fans.

The first song of the album titled, “Love Never Felt So Good,” was released just a little over a week earlier than the album and quickly became a hit. The song features a catchy set of lyrics that blend perfectly into the refreshing instrumental. For longtime Jackson fans, the song adds to a list of classic MJ songs to sing along to. In the deluxe version, the producers added a Justin Timberlake feature, which provided a new aspect to make the song more contemporary.

Although this first track is definitely the headliner for the album, the rest of the songs make the album superb as a whole.

The next standout is the third song of the album, “Lovin’ You.” This is one of the songs that the producing team did a spectacular job on, as the contemporary version has clear differences from the original recording. The mellow chorus is sure to echo in your head even after listening to the song once. The modernized instrumental utilizes a harmonious orchestra of piano sounds and synthetic sound common in many radio hits today.

“Xscape” is the last of the eight songs featured on the album. The song is very upbeat, and one can only imagine the dance moves that Jackson would have employed for this song if he were here today. This energetic song also succeeds in reminding fans why Jackson was the King of Pop because it showcases his wide range of styles.

Overall, this MJ album is yet another classic full of hits for years to come. The legacy of the King lives on through this album, and fans can only hope for more releases like this. The eight never-heard-before songs give us a taste of Jackson’s legendary career as a whole, making the “Xscape” experience even more worthwhile.