4 Mouthwatering Food Blogs to Check Out

Sydney Young, Staff Writer

   Food is so much more than just eating and taking pictures. It has to do with the feeling you get when tasting the first bite. And the feedback you get after you cook your very first recipe. I have slowly discovered that food blogs encompass all these things. The writers of these blogs are deeply interested in the making and tasting of food, which makes it beneficial for the reader because they know what you want to see. Check out these four and start experiencing food on a different platform!

  1. brooklyn supper : This former brooklyn resident works to focus her blog on locally sourced food and eating seasonally. Her unique style can be seen through her “weekly produce guides” where she showcases four or five food items by sharing her favorite recipes. Though the recipes sometimes include ingredients that might take a little more time to search for, they really make the difference from just an everyday meal to something stellar. Also, this particular blog is the winner of the Saveur 2015 Blog Awards in the category of Editors’ Choice of Most Delicious Food.
  2. I am a food blog : This particular blog happens to be a favorite of mine. I heard about it from my sister who once saw me browsing foodnetwork.com for recipes and told me to check out “i am a food blog.” I’ve been regularly checking this blog for a year now, and have loved a large majority of the recipes because of the simple and easy to find ingredients used. Steph, the writer of the blog, also does different posts aside from just recipes. Every friday you’ll see an article titled “Friday Finds” that talks about cool things she’s seen on the internet during that week. They include categories such as “link love”, “webstuff”, and “I’ve got my eyes on you.” Another aspect of this blog that attracted me was the simple layout of the home page. It includes a slideshow with the newest recipes at the top, and then the all the rest of the recipes laid out at the bottom in picture form. This particular layout in combination with the recipes posted is what keeps me coming back on a regular basis.
  3. Delushions : When stopping by this blog you’ll soon notice that it’s no ordinary food blog, but one created by the popular model Chrissy Teigen! Chrissy’s writing is the first thing that attracted me when browsing her blog because it was absolutely hilarious and made her food sound so much more enticing. Instead of talking about things like what went on during her day, or a funny joke she heard, she gets down to the basics with just a few paragraphs. Her descriptions aren’t overly sophisticated and proper, but more what you actually want to hear from a common person’s perspective: why the food is tasty and worth cooking. Her blog unlike others has a looser and more free-flowing vibe. She also often includes large pictures with step-by-step captions that are very useful while cooking. Another unique factor to her website is the recipes that integrate her thai heritage (and if you scroll down to some older posts, you’ll find some treasures written by John Legend himself!).
  4. lady and pups : The photography of this blog is beyond gorgeous with beautifully crisp pictures that enhance every drop of oil and grain of salt. Just the simple but symmetrical layout of the pictures is appealing to one’s eyes. The selection of recipes found here are a great example of encompassing multiple cuisines from all around the world. Though the basis of the blog is mostly asian inspired, sometimes recipes like “clam chowder risotto with celery prosciutto salt” will pop up. Because of the author’s clearly stated love of her dogs, dog-friendly recipes can also be found up on the website.                                                   

Photography, elegant but also funny writing, and interesting recipes are what draw me back to food blogs everyday. Check these out four out and maybe you will be inspired to write a food blog too!