Santa Claus is Coming To Town

January 7, 2016

It’s finally December and we know that you haven’t started decorating for the holidays. Luckily we have a few DIY projects, requiring minimal craft-making skills, that end up looking just as good as store-bought decorations.

DIY Snowglobe

Let’s be honest, snowglobes were the coolest thing when you were a kid. It was like you could control the weather inside a little glass orb, bringing your fantasies of being a wizard to life. You can bring back that amazing feeling of excitement, just follow the steps below.


  1. a mason jar
  2. a miniature tree
  3. glue (preferably hot glue)
  4. glitter


  1. To begin making this craft, you’re going to have to take a trip to the store (unless you have a collection of mason jars and mini trees lying around your house). Michael’s and Target have an abundant supply of all the items that you’ll need for a reasonable price.
  2. Take your tree, lather a ton of glue onto the base of it, and stick it on the inside part of mason jar lid. (If you have a hot glue gun, do the same thing).
  3. If you want to make your snowglobe a little more interesting, add little decorations such as miniature presents to the lid as well.
  4. This is the step where the Elmer’s glue and hot glue gun people will differentiate. Being the proactive students that we are, we forgot to bring a hot glue gun with us so we had to resort to regular school glue. Don’t do this. You will regret it. If you made the same mistake as us, place your lid into the freezer for five minutes and allow the glue to set.
  5. Now take your glitter and dump a reasonable amount of glitter into the mason jar. Don’t get all sparkle-happy. If you put too much glitter you won’t be able to see the inside of the snow globe, so just don’t do it. We tried, and it won’t look like the winter wonderland you’ll be expecting.
  6. Carry your jar over to your water faucet and fill it almost all the way to the top.
  7. Take your lid, and carefully screw it back onto the jar (yes, the tree and other decorations should be upside down).
  8. Finally, flip your jar over and watch the glitter fall majestically to the bottom. Entertainment for hours made in a matter of minutes. Use this snowglobe to distract overly-hyper younger siblings or relatives  the holiday season. Caution! Don’t aggressively shake your snowglobe unless you want a murky swamp.


DIY Paper Chain

All of your elementary school classrooms had these strung up on the walls. Paper chains are the pinnacle of the craft industry. They’re easy to make, and they’re cool to look at. They may look a bit complicated, but if you’ve ever looped your Funyuns together then you’re already a master at making them.


  1. some colored construction paper
  2. tape
  3. scissors


  1. This craft is fairly easy to begin because, chances are, you already have the supplies at your house. Grab some tape and scissors from your third grade pencil box, as well as some holiday-themed construction paper. If you don’t want to fully get into the Christmas spirit, regular paper works fine too.
  2. Cut the paper into horizontal strips. To make the strips even, you can fold the paper accordion-style and cut along the creases. We made each strip about 1 ½ inches wide, but you can make the thickness however you want.
  3. Take just a single strip and tape the ends together so you form what looks like a stylish paper bracelet.
  4. Now for the really fun part. You get to repeat step three over and over again, looping each new “bracelet” through the previous one (look at the picture if you’re confused).
  5. For everyone to enjoy your mastery of the holiday arts, hang your paper chain on your staircase or above a doorway for people to enjoy.

DIY Hot Chocolate Mix

This activity isn’t for the spirited, or the talented. It’s for the hungry.


  1. hot chocolate mix
  2. marshmallows
  3. a small bag
  4. (optional) a straw or other decoration


  1. Grab your favorite hot chocolate mix (we used Swiss Miss), marshmallows, and a straw from your pantry or a grocery store.
  2. Find a cute, small-sized bag from Target, Michaels, or practically any other craft store. The drawstring bags usually work best.
  3. Add a small serving of (preferably mini) marshmallows to the bag, as well as a packet of that delicious hot cocoa mix.
  4. Now’s when your creativity comes into play. You’re free to personalize your bag however you want, whether it be a straw added inside or a gift tag tied to the outside. We did both because we’re over achievers.
  5. Present this package to your friends and family if you’re broke or lack a car to actually drive to the store and buy a decent gift. They’ll totally understand as they sip that amazing, pre-packaged chocolatey goodness. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

DIY Snowy Pinecone Tree

This particular DIY craft was our favorite. Not only did it turn out exactly like the Pinterest picture, but you’re basically taking a snowy tree from the wilderness, shrinking it, and sticking it in your house.


  1. pinecones
  2. a plastic Christmas tree with wire branches
  3. spray-on snow


  1. These supplies might be a little bit harder to find, but there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find these at Michael’s, which is where we got all of it. Buy some miniature pinecones (or pick some of the ground, Neanderthal). Also get a small fake pine tree and some spray on snow. Buying two cans of the snow is probably a good idea, considering we ran out with one.
  2. Spray both the pine cones and the pine trees with the snow in an area where things can get  a little dirty. If you get it on your skin or clothes, don’t panic. It washes off pretty easily.
  3. Make sure to let your decorations dry, because they’ll definitely shed everywhere if you don’t. We dried ours for about ten minutes outside in the cold, but we also recommend drying them for a little bit more to be safe.
  4. Attach the pinecones to your tree by wrapping the wire branches of the tree around them.
  5. You can use these as a conversation-starting pieces as a center for your table, or just keep it as an elegant addition to your home.

We don’t necessarily recommend putting all of your beautiful decorations on a small section of your kitchen counter, but this is what they should look like if you followed our instructions correctly. We think ours turned out pretty well, and hopefully yours will too!

We don’t necessarily recommend putting all of your beautiful decorations on a small section of your kitchen counter, but this is what they should look like if you followed our instructions correctly.
We don’t necessarily recommend putting all of your beautiful decorations on a small section of your kitchen counter, but this is what they should look like if you followed our instructions correctly.

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