Instagrams to Follow to Change up Your Feed

Sydney Young, Staff Writer

Many times I find myself scrolling through Instagram aimlessly, using it just to pass time. But it’s mostly because I can’t find anything worth focusing on; I just keep seeing the same types of posts over and over. If you’re looking to find some new and interesting accounts to follow, continue reading!  

  1. Food: @foodgps

With over 50k followers under his belt, blogger Josh Lurie focuses on showcasing delectable dishes from the best restaurants around California. If you’re looking to always be informed of the newest and hottest restaurant, you’ve found the right Instagram. Lurie’s photos never fail to make your stomach growl while also being pleasing for the eyes. Colorful boxes of donuts, indulgent bowls of ramen, and close-ups of creamy pasta will all tempt you to dine at the restaurants he posts about. He also regularly advertises offers for a special off-menu item at a restaurant that’s only available for a limited amount of time. But here’s the catch: you’ll only be able to order the special dish by asking your server for the “Food GPS secret dish.” For more extended versions of his Instagram posts, check out

  1. Fashion: @forever21

Whenever I find myself going blank on outfit inspiration, I always make sure to check out Forever 21’s Instagram page. The theme is always full of bright colors and stylish outfits with posts including the latest and hottest trends. Seen on their feed are both Forever 21 models and other fashion bloggers and models on Instagram. This is nice because you’re able to constantly find other less known Instagrammers that you’re might be interested in, like people such as @michelletakeaim or @sarahdewald. Another handy feature is the link in their bio that allows you to shop all the clothes you see on their feed all in one area.

  1. Celebrity: @chrissyteigen

Though some may only know Chrissy Teigen as John Legend’s wife or a Sports Illustrated model, I know her as a hilarious new mom who has a passion for cooking and her doggies. Some exciting things currently going on are the birth of her first child Luna, the release of her new cookbook Cravings and posts about the newest celebs that come to perform on Lip Sync Battle (where she serves as a commentator). I’m always sure to find a hilarious post like a Snapchat of her and John Legend with their faces swapped or wrapping paper that she found and ordered with her face on it.

  1. Animal: @ralphthecorgi

This animal account is all about the adorable lives of two Corgis, Ralph and George. They’ve racked up over 200,000 followers with posts of the dogs just living their daily lives and sometimes acting a little crazy. They’re always flashing a cute doggy smile with their tongues sticking out or sometimes just laying around like a lazy log. One of my favorite parts about the account are the hilarious hashtags in the captions like “#SoCozy,” “#FitForALoaf,” or “#Leprecorgis,” “#They’reMagicallyStumpilicious.” If you just love adorable dogs in general, this account is sure to make you smile.

  1. Student:

Friends, smiles, and artsy pictures are just some of the many things you’ll see on freshman Olivia An’s Instagram feed. Like many high school students, her pictures display the life of an average teenager. She hangs out with friends, travels to cool places, and posts a picture or two of random, interesting things she finds. Olivia’s pictures also all seem to flow together, which from experience is difficult. They all to blend into a collage of matching colors with pops of faces throughout. Her posts, though they may seem random, are all “moments of [her] life that [she] wants to remember or just when [she] likes the way a picture looks.”

If your scrolling through Instagram and starting to get bored, try adding in something new by following these different accounts!