Netflix Charges Streamers More Every Month


Erin Eskoff, Staff Writer

With over 94 million streamers, Netflix has increased the prices for their two most popular subscription plans: the standard and premium services.  

 The standard plan, now $10.99, lets streamers watch movies and shows in high resolution on two screens at once. Previously, it was $9.99 every month.

The premium plan, currently $13.99, allows customers to watch their favorite shows on up to four devices, plus stream ultra HD content. This service was formerly $11.99.

However, the basic service, which only allows viewing on one screen at a time without HD content, still remains at $7.99.

Despite the price increase, Netflix addicts won’t stop watching.  Based on their subscription plan, users were notified about the price change and when it would take effect.  With 30 days notice, viewers could still stream regularly before they had to start paying up.

Although Netflix is a convenient app to binge-watch your favorite titles with no commercials in-between breaks, how much will they continue to raise the monthly cost? Just last year, the standard plan was raised from $8.99 to $9.99.  Yet again, that didn’t stop anyone from using the popular streaming service. In 2017, Netflix was one of the most popular apps amongst Apple devices.

Watching Netflix is something many people, including myself, do in their spare time.  Personally, as a streamer with the standard plan, I’ll be binge-watching my favorite titles, paying the $10.99 every month. However, there are many that would say paying $11-13 every month isn’t worth spending — but if you can’t stop rewatching your favorite shows, Netflix’s new prices are still reasonable.