Review of Spider-Man (PS4)


Jay Singh, Staff Writer

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the biggest game releases of 2018. The game was highly anticipated; it has sold the most copies of any video game this year. It is developed by Insomniac Games as a PS4 exclusive. The game was released last Friday and after throwing my entire life away to complete the story in one weekend, I am ready to give you my thoughts on the game after 20 hours of gameplay.

Let’s start off with the best aspects of the game. The web-swinging in the game is unmatched by any previous Spider-Man game. I thoroughly loved the web-swinging, which makes or breaks any Spider-Man game. The mechanics are simple, but there are small nuances that you master over time. These make the game feel more real and show the painstaking effort that went into the game.

The combat is dynamic as well. It is also relatively simple but entertaining and similar to how Spider-Man fights in comic books and movies. I also enjoyed the game’s open world. The game is massive and it feels like the real New York City. New York City, along with basically everything else in the game, are expertly designed. I can’t express how many times I sat back in my chair and said, “Wow,” when looking at the gorgeous game.

The game’s voice acting is on point as well, especially from Yuri Lowenthal, the voice of Peter Parker, who performs masterfully. Finally, the story of the game is masterfully crafted. It is poignant and heartbreaking, one of the best stories I have ever seen for a video game. Overall, this game makes you feel Peter Parker/Spider-Man which is the biggest positive of the game.

Now, for the negatives. Despite enjoying the open world of the game, it was shallow and did not innovate at all in that area. It has many of the same open-world tropes that other games fall into. One of these is the linear side missions. These missions have very little variety and become downright tedious after some time. Grabbing the collectibles lacks depth and complexity, but it is a necessity if you want to upgrade Spider-Man. They are tolerable, but there is so much room to improve here.

All in all, this game was by far the best release of the year for me. I adore basically the whole game — the gameplay, combat, open world, graphics, voice acting, and the story. A few pet peeves with the side missions do not hold this game back. I rate this game a nine and a half stars out of ten. I highly recommend buying this game for everyone.