Kitchen Stories Review


“How to make zucchini brownies.” Search.

Millions of results flood my screen. I start asking myself, which recipe would have the best results? The one with the least amount of ingredients? The one with the shortest cooking time? Soon enough, I become incredibly overwhelmed by Google’s search results. Too many recipes to shuffle through and not enough time to keep my cravings at bay.

Trying to find a solution to my lack of cooking expertise, I stumbled upon an app called “Kitchen Stories.” This is an iOS app home to an endless stream of recipes and how-to videos that can help you satisfy your cravings. From clips about how to shuck an oyster to an entire list of “best berry recipes,” “Kitchen Stories” has it all.

The app’s motto, “Anyone can cook,” is entirely accurate; “Kitchen Stories” makes cooking simple and stress-free. The app conveniently allows you to save an ingredient list and unlimited recipes by just creating an account. It even features daily food stories, such as “Everything to Know About Vanilla Bean and Its Byproducts.”

Even if you’re unsure of what you’d like to eat, “Kitchen Stories” can help you pinpoint your cravings. Scrolling through their most popular recipes tab is sure to provide cooking inspiration. Other categories such as “Quick and Easy,” “Summer into Fall,” and “Dinner for the Week,” just to name a few, can give you a game plan for what to do in the kitchen. Each recipe comes with thorough instructions that will allow you to create the perfect dish and turn you into a cooking expert. The app is also complete with a sleek white interface and vibrant photos.

Not only is this app useful for someone just starting out in the kitchen, but for experienced cooks as well. Kitchen Stories offers how-to videos on how to tune up your cooking skills. Categories such as “Knife Skills” are incredibly useful for perfecting previously learned skills.

I personally love “Kitchen Stories” because I have access to hundreds of recipes with the click of a button. Since I don’t have to search for the right recipe, the app helps me save time. It takes the thinking out of cooking, making mealtime stress-free.

If you’re looking to finally start cooking at home or relearn a few old skills, then “Kitchen Stories” is the perfect tool to help you do so.