“You” is the TV Show For You

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“You” is the TV Show For You

Erin Eskoff, Staff Writer

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Lifetime’s new series “You” has blown up on screens since it premiered on Sept. 9, 2018. Starring Shay Mitchell (Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars”) and Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey from “Gossip Girl”), this show runs every Sunday night at 10 p.m.


(Warning: This article contains spoilers)


The gravitating show revolves around Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail, and her desire to become well-known by many people. Belligerently drunk, she falls down on a railroad, gets saved by and falls in love with the worst man possible, Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley.

Joe turns out to be a very charming and intelligent sociopath. With his above-average tech skills, his obsession with Beck leads him to full-on stalking, including hacking her phone and following her to a bar, where he meets her friend, Peach Salinger, played by Shay Mitchell.

The start of the first episode already had me glued to my seat. The way real-life situations and exciting yet unexpected turns were combined in this show made me want to keep watching.

As the show continued, Peach ended up falling in love with Beck as well, creating a tension between Joe and Peach. Eventually, without her knowledge, Joe begins to start stalking Peach as well. In episode 2, Joe officially takes his love for Beck to a whole new level of psychotic.

When Joe tried to kill Peach, I almost began to scream. In this scene, I realized how insane Joe really is. In this moment, I wanted to turn my TV off, but I needed to know Peach’s fate. (She was fine, if you were wondering.)

In episode six, the showdown begins for Beck’s heart. Peach finds out that Joe was her stalker and fires a gun at him. Her attempt failed and the bullet barely missed him, causing more rage and determination for Joe to get revenge. Unfortunately, in Joe’s second attempt to kill Peach, he succeeds.

This is the type of show that kills off main characters, which very rarely ever happens. My jaw hit the floor when Peach died. Shay Mitchell’s acting was phenomenal throughout the six episodes she starred in. In her few and final moments, her performance was really brought to life and, to be honest, I almost thought it was real.

In the end, Joe poses Peach’s death as a suicide, leaving a death note and no traces of his murder.

Overall, “You” has now become one of my favorite shows. The acting is incredible and the show nevers fails to keep you on your toes.

However, if you are under the age of 13, I wouldn’t recommend you add it to your watch list. Despite the fact that it’s a great show, it does contain some scandalous scenes and sensitive content. Although, if you are someone who enjoys the thrill of suspense, like me, this is the show for you.

Season one of “You” isn’t over yet, though. If you haven’t caught up or watched any of it yet, it is available on Amazon Prime and airs on Lifetime every Sunday night at 10 p.m.

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