Creed 2 Review


Jay Singh, Staff Writer

*Spoilers Ahead*

We often hear the phrase “movie of the year” when it comes to the most hyped up films. These films hardly ever live up to those expectations as they are usually mediocre at best. This year, “Creed 2” was many people’s most anticipated film of the year. “Creed 2” is the sequel to the Ryan Coogler-directed smash hit “Creed.” These two movies were a continuation of the massively popular “Rocky” movie series and “Creed 2” is a direct continuation of “Rocky IV”.

The first “Creed” was immensely popular as it was a fresh take on a genre that had seemingly been beaten to death, pun intended. As a result, many thought the sequel would fail, because they felt “Creed” was lightning captured in a bottle. Would “Creed 2” live up to the hopes of the moviegoers around the world, or would it sputter and fail like many other blockbusters? Let’s take a look at the boxing world with a review of “Creed 2.”

The movie begins with Adonis “Donnie” Creed winning the heavyweight boxing championship belt. He then proposes to his longtime girlfriend Bianca Taylor, played by Tessa Thompson, who says yes. Meanwhile, Ivan Drago, the man that killed Adonis’ father, and his son, Viktor Drago, issue a challenge to Adonis. He accepts without the consent of Rocky, his trainer, so Adonis goes to Los Angeles to train and learns that Bianca is pregnant. He is badly injured in the bout, but Viktor is disqualified for a late hit, allowing Adonis to keep the belt. Adonis becomes disconnected from everyone until he makes up with Rocky and his daughter is born. He accepts a rematch with Viktor in Russia. He wins the fight and then, finally, makes peace with his father.

This movie was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish and was mainly a drama with boxing as a side point. It was impossible for everyone in the audience to tear their eyes away from the screen because of the performances by Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson and Sylvester Stallone.

Michael B. Jordan is easily the best part of this film. His performance is one of the best this year and is definitely in the Oscar conversation. Also, the character development given to the villains of the movie is very appreciated. The Dragos are given a big storyline, making them much more complex and less of a cartoony mess then they were in “Rocky IV.” The storyline of Ivan losing his wife is very effective in humanizing the villain.

In addition, the camera work in “Creed 2” is stunning. The way that they pan around the characters and capture the light and shadows is absolutely astounding. The soundtrack of the film, produced by the rap mind of Mike WiLL Made-It, is beautiful and fits the context of the film perfectly.

But there are also some problems in the film. The first is that the plot is very predictable. It’s incredibly easy to tell what direction the plot is moving, as this formula has been used a million times. Another major problem is that there is barely any boxing shown. The fights feel disconnected because there are so many cuts, and there are also many small problems dotted throughout the film. For example, when they are training in the desert, Adonis is wearing pants and a jacket. This may not seem like a major setback, but when there are many problems like this throughout the film, it adds up.

Despite these flaws, I would give “Creed 2” nine out of ten paws.