“The Princess Switch” Movie Review

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“The Princess Switch” Movie Review

Erin Eskoff, A&E Writer

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Just a few days before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 16, 2018, Netflix released another original movie, “The Princess Switch,” to mark the beginning of the holiday season.

I was just scrolling through Netflix, looking for any interesting content, when I came across a “Parent Trap” type movie starring Vanessa Hudgens. Immediately, I was ecstatic to see her take on a dual role of a baker from Chicago and a Duchess from Montenaro, soon-to-be married to the king of Belgravia.

The royal duchess, Margot, and a baker from Chicago, Stacy, run into each other and conclude that they look exactly the same. Due to the pressure Margot feels, about to get married to the king very soon, Stacy decides to give her a break and the two switch places.

I loved how the plot developed throughout the entire movie. From start to finish, both girls began getting comfortable with the other’s life and didn’t even want to switch back. Although there were some cheesy scenes, it’s definitely something humorous to watch before the holidays.

However the acting in this movie was not the best. Sometimes, I felt that it captured me in the story but in other scenes, the acting was the reason why I wanted to stop watching.

At the same time, I give huge props to Vanessa Hudgens for taking on a dual role. It requires a lot of work and she did an excellent job on managing the time.

Overall, “The Princess Switch” is a fun movie to watch with family. If you are looking for something to watch on Netflix, this is one of the many good options in the “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Netflix” section.


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