My Most Anticipated 2019 Movies (Part One)


Mina Jang, Editor in Chief

  Movies, movies, movies: They can excite your soul, send shivers down your spine, make your jaw ache from laughter; and several of this year’s upcoming films are no different. From a beautifully-intricate ode to Bruce Springsteen, the hectic 1980s and immigrant family traditions to a blarin’, boppin’ biopic about Elton John and his funky glasses, here is Part One of films coming out in 2019 that I am super-duper thrilled to see.


1. “Yesterday:”

Director: Danny Boyle

Cast: Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ana de Armas

USA Movie Release: June 28  

Critic Quote: No Critic Reviews Released Yet


   Written by Richard Curtis (“Notting Hill,” “Four Funerals and a Wedding”), the British musical-comedy film “Yesterday” is about a struggling musician named Jack Malik (Himesh Patel). Malik discovers he’s the only person living who can remember The Beatles and then plagiarizes their songs, shooting to instant stardom.

   When I watched the trailer on YouTube for the first time, I remember just clicking that Replay button over and over again — giddy with a growing smile. First of all, the cast is extremely well-balanced with more popular actors like Kate McKinnon or Lily James supporting lesser-known main protagonist Himesh Patel. Secondly, the plot is so unique and original, taking such an exciting twist ‘n’ turn from the many musician biopics that are rising to fame again.

   Yet while the film’s concept is different, even from just the two-ish-minute trailer, it seems like the movie will serve The Beatles absolute justice and with pure respect. I am very, very excited for “Yesterday” and 100 percent sure that I will tear up at the scene shown in the trailer where Jack sings “Let It Be.”


2. “Blinded by the Light”:

Director: Gurinder Chadha

Cast: Viveik Kalra, Kulvinder Ghir, Meera Ganatra, Roy Brydon

USA Movie Release: Aug. 14  

Critic Quote: “The uplifting and moving ‘Blinded by the Light’ is likely to end up being the very piece of art that some struggling young kid out there needs to get by” — (Ethan Anderton, Slashfilm)


   From British-Asian female director Gurinder Chadha comes a heartwarming film set in 1987 England about Javed — a writing-loving Pakistani teenager — who learns to stand up for himself after listening to Bruce Springsteen cassette tapes. The messages in “Blinded by the Light” are all about persevering against racism, fighting for what one is truly passionate about, and learning to challenge rigid family traditions; and I AM ABSOLUTELY PUMPED.

   Growing up, if I ever had a terrible day, I’d just rush home and watch every one of Chadha’s movies — whether it be “Bend it Like Beckham” or “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” —  because of how relatable, raw and reassuring they were, especially to a person of color.

   In the past years, I think only several coming-of-age flicks have truly succeeded in being able to do this, to connect with their specific audience, and Chadha’s are in that rare few. I believe “Blinded by the Light” will be no different because along with her movies’ quirky humor and wonderful storylines are deep sincerity, understanding of an immigrant’s struggles and comfortableness that drapes around Chadha’s audience, letting them know everything’ll be alright. Although I am bummed that I cannot find sneak-peek clips or a trailer anywhere, I have been able to find two short videos on IMDB and am now hoping that Aug. 14 arrives as soon as possible.


3. “Avengers: Endgame”:

Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Brie Larson, Chris Evans

USA Movie Release: April 26

Critic Quote: No Critic Reviews Released Yet


   Who isn’t excited for The Russo Brothers’ latest superhero movie? “Avengers: Endgame” is definitely one of 2019’s most anticipated films and for good reasons, too. After “Avengers: Age of Ultron” came out, I’d been a bit bummed and disappointed — feeling disappointed that “Age of Ultron” was lackluster compared to the first original film.

   However, when I finally got to see “Avengers: Infinity War,” that mindset completely changed. The ending of “Infinity War” brought everyone in the theater to their knees, viewers wanting to know what happened and wishing to watch “Endgame” as fast as they could. The recent trailers for the movie that have been released so far by Marvel are all so good — chilling with a haunting Avengers theme song by composer Al Silvestri. I even kept replaying several of the parts in the trailers, like when Thor meets Carol Danvers for the first time and when Tony Stark is stranded with Nebula.

   Sometimes, while countdowning to April 26, I’ll also spend hours reading and watching all kinds of “Endgame” theories online, even if they’re kind of silly. This film has got me so hyped up but also very emotional, because I know that there will be some original characters who will not be coming back in the later Marvel movies. But for now, I’ll just keep watching all those released clips or scrolling through those Tumblr theory posts about “Endgame” and “Spiderman: Far From Home.”


4. “The Irishman”:

Director: Martin Scorsese

Cast: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Ray Romano

USA Movie Release: Information Not Released Yet (Post-Production)

Critic Quote: No Critic Reviews Released Yet


   De Niro. Pacino. Pesci. Romano. Now that is a dream cast.

   Very recently, I was chatting with somebody else about “The Irishman,” and we were saying how this film would either fail majorly in meeting many people’s high expectations or blow away all our minds like Scorsese’s previous 2006 film “The Departed” — which was wickedly fantastic. But from the minute I read that Martin Scorsese — director of such influential American films like “Taxi Man,” “Goodfellas” and “Raging Bull”  — was going to be creating a new gangster film on the Bufalino crime family inspired by Charles Brandt’s novel, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” I was hooked.

   I mean, you’ve got the biggest, most brilliant actors known for doing several of the greatest gangster movies of all time from Pacino in “The Godfather,” Pesci as well as Romano in “Goodfellas,” and De Niro in both flicks!

   It also interested me to hear that Pesci was coming out of his own acting retirement just to star in this film and that “The Irishman” would now be Scorsese’s most expensive movie to create with a production budget of $200 million.

   The fact that there has only been a short teaser trailer for the film and that, from just that alone, I got chills all over my arms has to mean “The Irishman” will be something so very spectacular and unforgettable. Martin Scorsese’s films are always gritty, powerful and full of fighting through arms and words that you keep anticipating for what this genius director will plan next.