How to Stay Motivated for the End of the School Year

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How to Stay Motivated for the End of the School Year

Emily Chang, Staff Writer

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  As the school year comes to an end, it gets easier and easier to push off homework and studying for AP tests or finals. The promise of summer and all of its glory sounds much more appealing than reading a prep book.

  But it is probably in these moments that being motivated to work is the most important. In order to give that final push and end the school year strong, here is a list of some of the best ways to maintain motivation as summer draws closer.


  1. Don’t study at home
    More often than not, studying at home results in more sleeping than studying. Another issue with studying at home all the time is that there are much more entertaining things to do instead of studying. Why study when there are nine seasons of “The Office” waiting on Netflix? The promise of an iced coffee is a great motivator to get out of the house and study at a Starbucks. The feelings of productivity and accomplishment are definitely worth the initial pain of leaving my bed. Besides Starbucks, though, the library, Barnes and Noble, or any local cafe is always a great option.

  2. Make a summer bucket list
    A bucket list has always been a unique way to survive AP exam week. Simply writing down fun activities to do over the summer is a great motivator as it is a reminder of things to look forward to — after the school year is over — and incentivizes the work that has to be done. Studying becomes a lot easier when there is Disneyland waiting on the last day of school.


  1. “Study with Me” Videos
    A newer trend that is not as well known on the internet, “study with me” YouTube videos, are exactly what they sound like: someone records themself studying for hours on end. Although it sounds odd at first, studying with one of these videos playing helps make the process a little less painful as there is someone right there doing it, too.

  2. The “Two Minute Rule”
    Often times, the hardest part of working is starting. Why get up and do homework when there’s a new video in YouTube’s recommended section? One of the most effective ways to start studying is the two minute rule, which is essentially where any task is started for only two minutes, and if you want to stop after that, you can because you met your goal. Chances are, though, that after getting started for two minutes, you’ll feel more motivated to continue studying since you are already there. And, if not, you have two minutes worth of work more than you did before you started.


  At the end of the day, though, it is perfectly normal to be unmotivated as the year comes to a close; don’t be too meticulous and don’t obsess over every unproductive moment.

  The dangerous part about always craving productivity and work is that relaxation and knowing your limits gets harder. So while it is important to study hard and get your work done as the year closes, don’t forget to give yourself a break and be lazy — once in a while.