Central Perk Pop-Up Brings Fans From All Over LA


Gaby Lesmana

From left: “The Rachel” Matcha Latte, “The Chandler” Caramel Coconut Latte, “The Phoebe” Cookies and Cream Ice Blended, “The Monica” Midnight Mocha Cold Brew

Gaby Lesmana, Staff Writer

   To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show “Friends,” The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf transformed two locations in LA to resemble the iconic Central Perk café. From Aug. 16-23, fans had the chance to take pictures with the orange couch (the friends’ usual hangout spot in Central Perk) while sipping on character-themed drinks.

   For decades, “Friends” has brought joy to those of all ages. Each character has their own unique personality that contributes to the success of the show. From Chandler’s charming sarcasm to Monica’s perfectionist attitude, every viewer has come to love a character.

   “I think it’s relatable,” said one customer. “You see them from their mid-20s to mid-30s, and we all kind of grew up with them.” It’s no surprise that events like these draw in a crowd.

   There were two locations: 3rd Street Promenade and Beverly Blvd. At the Beverly location, there was a line around the block, but it moved relatively quickly.

   Once inside, fans took pictures on the orange couch in front of a backsplash of Central Perk with Central Perk mugs to hold for poses. Around the coffee shop are posters with quotes like “How you doin’?” and drawings of easily recognizable symbols from the show.

   The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf came out with six specialty drinks, each named after one of the characters. On the cups are sleeves with more quotes from the show, such as “We were on a break!” Also available for purchase are mugs and ground coffee. Although the decorations are only in the two LA pop-ups, the drinks and merchandise are available at all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf locations.

   The impact of “Friends” on different generations was reflected by the success of this event. It allowed fans to experience their favorite TV show while trying exciting new drinks. People from all over the world can relate to the jokes, drama and feelings of the characters.