Easy Halloween Costumes for Lazy People


Gaby Lesmana and Vanessa Mclaughlin

   Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to come up with a costume. However, putting so much effort into one night’s outfit can be stressful. From spooky, cute or funny costumes, here’s something for every lazy person.

  1. Hydro Flask – Many people are going to dress up as the classic VSCO girl with metals straws, scrunchies, hydro flasks and puka shells. But why not be only one element of the costume? A hydro flask costume only requires an oversized t-shirt of any color. Then draw or print a hydro flask logo and paste it on the t-shirt. A simple yet comedic costume!
  2. Taylor Swift (“You Belong With Me”) – After trick or treating, go right to sleep in this costume. One of Taylor Swift’s iconic music video looks only needs pajamas and a pair of nerdy glasses. Even throw in a hairbrush for an extra touch!
  3. Pig in a blanket – This is easy and self-explanatory – the only items needed for this costume are a blanket, pink shirt, pig ears, and an optional pig snout.
  4. A Vine – Although most adults won’t understand this costume, all younger generations will. The popular “dead” video sharing site has plenty to choose from. Try recreating a favorite Vine in an outfit.
  5. Pumpkin Spice Latte – Put a Starbucks logo on a tan shirt and write “PSL” on the side. Even color a paper towel roll green and attach it to your head for a straw!
  6. Copycat – Another basic costume but with a little twist. Since many people dress up as simple cats, try putting Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V on a shirt along with cat ears.
  7. Life with Lemons – Everyone has heard the phrase that starts with “When life gives you lemons,” and this costume represents it. Write the word ‘life’ on a white T-shirt and buy some lemons to carry around. If you really want to, you can hand the lemons out to people and say “make lemonade.”
  8. Deviled Egg – A basic devil costume can be spiced up. Just buy a white shirt and paste or draw a yellow circle in the middle. Wear a devil horns headband and the costume is done.
  9. Social Media – Print out the logo of any social media app and stick it to a matching colored T-shirt. Have your friends dress up as the other apps for a complete group costume!
  10. Cereal Killer – Looking for a scary costume but don’t want to try too hard? Look no further than the infamous Cereal Killer costume. Cover a shirt with some fake blood and stab an empty cereal box.

   These 10 quick and easy ideas are the perfect low-effort costumes while still being creative. Whether you trick or treat, go to parties or even stay at home, these are a fun way to participate in the Halloween festivities.