Gradient App Review

   The app Gradient has been significantly influencing social media users over the last few weeks with their new “lookalike” feature, and went viral after the Kardashians and other popular celebrities eagerly uploaded pictures of their own doppelgangers found on the app. 

   To find a celebrity lookalike, users first select a photo of themselves. Gradient then generates a famous doppelganger, showing the process of facial change. 

   So is this app really worth downloading?

   Many users download this app for free entertainment; however, they are not aware that the app automatically renews a paid subscription. This means that after a free trial of three days, Gradient will immediately charge $20 per month without notifying the user beforehand. 

   Another issue with the app is that it is not always accurate in developing doppelgangers. According to, “the actual app [is just] trying to scam you into a subscription you probably don’t want.”

   Though some may have disagreements with the app, many enjoy the experience of finding their celebrity doppelgangers. Ranging from K-Pop artists to American actors, the lookalikes provide entertainment for most age groups by finding a famous look alike. 

   Overall, this app is satisfying for the first few days. Before hopping on the trend, make sure to be aware of the charge after three days of free trial.