How YouTuber Emma Chamberlain Became Cosmopolitan’s Covergirl

Chamberlain, Emma. (2020). Reacting to her Cosmopolitan Cover. [Image]. Retrieved from

Gaby Lesmana, Staff Writer

   Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard the name Emma Chamberlain at some point in the past year. Originally just an average, “relatable” Youtuber from Northern California, Chamberlain has made her way to working with major brands and is now on the cover of Cosmopolitan’s February issue.

   In 2017, Chamberlain took a different approach to YouTube success, with her sarcastic humor and mockery of popular videos at the time. For example, she filmed herself “showing off” items from the Dollar Store instead of expensive makeup.

   Since then, she has begun a new era of YouTube editing styles, with random zoom-ins and small pieces of text shown for a short period, all to make the video more funny.

   Since her skyrocketed fame on YouTube, she is credited to have started numerous trends among teenage girls. Scrunchies, Doc Marten shoes and fluffy jackets are a few styles that have “come back” in recent years, supposedly because of Chamberlain’s influence.

   The rise of Chamberlain also caught the attention of the designer brand Louis Vuitton. She has now worked with them multiple times, including during Paris Fashion Week in 2019. On Jan. 7, she announced her first major magazine cover story on Cosmopolitan. This further proved Chamberlain’s influence; however, she revealed in her interview that she despises the term ‘influencer’ and views herself in a different way: “I prefer to entertain and be a friend. I don’t want to influence.”

   Despite her claims, the trends that Chamberlain may or may not have started are present in teen culture. Her impact is a representation of the power of social media today and the lives it transforms.