The Sandwich Spot offers unique sandwiches for Stevenson Ranch


Gaby Lesmana, Staff Writer

   Many of us have those days of craving a big, satisfying sandwich — especially during this quarantine! With its hearty bread, pungent sauces and loaded toppings, there’s something about a good sandwich that hits the spot. Usually, the go-to place for this craving might be Jersey Mike’s or Subway. 

    However, The Sandwich Spot recently opened up in Stevenson Ranch on the corner of the Old Road and Pico Canyon. Serving over thirty unique sandwiches, there are plenty of options for everyone’s liking. As many West Ranch students live in Stevenson Ranch, this will be the perfect place to grab lunch on a chill weekend.

   Upon walking in, the atmosphere of the place is bright and open. Tables topped with flowers in bottles and the large windows make it inviting. The friendly and helpful workers make it easy to find the perfect sandwich. Although The Sandwich Spot is a chain, each location is independently owned with the menu curated to the area. Local specials include the “Stevenson Ranch Classic:” turkey, ham, roast beef and jack cheese and the “Santa Clarita Diet:” hot pastrami, roast beef, salami and Swiss cheese.

   The creatively named sandwiches like “The Joey Tribbiani” (a meatball sub signature to the popular “Friends” character) make the menu intriguing. After choosing a sandwich, there are also bread and cheese customizations to choose from. Many of the breads they offer were freshly baked on location, creating a delicious smell when customers walk through the door. Each sandwich comes with “everything,” meaning lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo and their “secret sauce” — a garlic-infused olive oil. Customers can also choose to have the sandwich served hot or cold and can even turn the sandwich into a salad for a low-carb option.

   After a long, hard look at the menu, The Hippity Dippity sounded the best — a vegetarian sandwich with avocado, cucumber and sprouts. The customizations were the Dutch crunch bread, cream cheese and all of the toppings.

   The massive sandwich was intimidating at first, but it’s a good amount to satisfy a hungry individual. The sandwich was so packed with toppings that it was hard to get everything in one bite. The crisp of the Dutch crunch bread was unique and can’t be found at a typical sandwich place. The bright, creamy sauces compliment the loaded fresh toppings well, and the crunchy vegetables in the Hippity Dippity made it refreshing.

   Compared to the average sandwich chains in Santa Clarita, The Sandwich Spot did not disappoint. If craving a delicious sandwich, this place really hits the “spot.” So when the quarantine is over, grab a friend and head over to The Sandwich Spot. In the meantime, they are currently taking online orders for pickup!