7 things to do during quarantine that will get you out of bed

Gaby Lesmana, Staff Writer

   As we find ourselves going increasingly stir-crazy during this uncertain time, there are only so many Netflix shows to binge watch. Here are some interesting activities to cure boredom because staying home can be fun too!

  1. Fort and movie night: Watch your favorite movie inside a fort by draping blankets or sheets over chairs. Add some fairy lights to create a nice atmosphere, then bake some cookies, pop some popcorn and cozy up with blankets and pillows to relax and enjoy the film.
  2. Puzzles: If you don’t have any already, order some puzzles off of sites like Amazon. They are relatively inexpensive, and the cheapest range from five to fifteen dollars. Get your family together and work on different parts of the puzzle. You’ll find that it’s surprisingly addicting and a good way to pass time.
  3. Start a workout plan: With all this extra time, why not get some movement in? There are a lot of free workout plans available online for all levels, some even as short as 10 minutes a day. Working out is an enjoyable activity to do by yourself or with a family member.
  4. Tea party: Have a picnic in your backyard in a new and innovative way! Make some bite-sized food such as quartered sandwiches, tiny scones and cut-up fruit. Arrange them aesthetically on a platter to serve with tea. Lay a blanket outside and decorate your area with flowers. Bring out the treats and a family member to share them with for an afternoon teatime.
  5. Learn a language: There are a ton of free apps out there such as Duolingo, Babble and Memrise. Knowing at least a few basic phrases in a different language is a rewarding experience that can be useful in the future. Also try watching TV shows or movies in the language to see if you can pick up on some of the words.
  6. Travel at home: Bummed about cancelled vacation plans? Brighten the mood by recreating the destination at home. Decorate your dining area or backyard with flags or posters of tourist attractions from your country of choice. Cook an authentic meal for your family to give off the feel of dining in a foreign restaurant. Play some music that reminds you of that place to really set the mood.
  7. Food Network competition: Challenge family members to make a dish with random ingredients in your fridge and pantry. You could also pick a few random items to cook with and see who can make the best meal. There can even be a time limit like a real Food Network competition. Raise the stakes by choosing one person to be the judge and critique the dishes.

   Take advantage of this time at home to be with your loved ones and do things that you never thought to do before. If we all stay safe at home and remain positive, quarantine will be over before we know it!