12 COVID-friendly Winter Activities


I. Christmas lights

Christmas lights never fail to bring classic holiday cheer each year. No matter the part of the city, you can always find some whether they’re on your street or way across town. Drive around neighborhoods to simply admire the work of others and let it uplift the holiday spirits this season. The well-known Candy Cane Lane will also be open but will have social distancing restrictions. Dozens of houses will be lit up this year across the city to spread joy, so be on the lookout.

2. Mail gift exchange

While the absence of holiday parties makes giving gifts more complicated, mailing someone a present is an easy, contactless way to make someone’s holiday. Even if it’s something small, the kind gesture shows you were thinking of them. Make it a “Secret Santa” by assigning faux names to a group of friends and mail the gifts using those instead, or donate to a local holiday toy drive to bring seasonal love to a local family. Giving gifts can still be an entertaining and fun activity to do in quarantine.

3. Online holiday gift shopping

As the holidays near, you may find yourselves in need of shopping for your loved ones. Shopping can be very stressful during this time of year, so doing it online can be easier and more convenient. Save money by shopping second-hand from sites like Depop or Poshmark. Overall, this holiday season can be easier with stores giving the option of shopping right from your home.

4. Spa day

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a stressful year. Treating yourself to a spa day is the perfect way to unwind and recharge as the year comes to a close. A spa day can consist of anything from a simple face mask and pedicure to going all out with homemade spa water, candles, and a bubble bath. Altogether, it is a great way to make a productive yet relaxing use of time in isolation.

5. Bake holiday treats

Baking is a fun and festive solution to cure boredom, spend time with family, and make a tasty snack. Use boxed cookie mix from the store or challenge yourself to a more complicated recipe. You could also hold a baking competition against other family members and test each other’s skills. Make too much? Freshly baked goods also make a great gift to deliver to friends or donate to a local homeless shelter. 

6. Craft up a (snow)storm

Try some of The Paw Print’s favorite artsy activities: you can knit a scarf for a loved one: an affordable way to try a new hobby and show someone you care. Or create a Christmas collage by printing out personal photos (or your favorite Pinterest images) and bedazzling them with glitter, glue and stickers. Plant owners can also decorate their houseplants for the holidays in ornaments and garlands as an alternative to decorating a Christmas tree.

7. Raise a glass to 2021

With the new year coming up, it’s never too early to begin thinking about what you want 

to accomplish for 2021. Varying from regularly calling a relative or picking up a new hobby, resolutions for the new year are always a fun topic to ponder about for the future. Be sure to follow up with your resolutions and achieve your goals by the end of the year.

8. Spruce up your space

Another great way to spice up the festive season is to start interior decorating. From a wintery, sophisticated vibe to a warm and cozy ambience, there are so many ways to personalize your house into your very own holiday habitat. You can get tons of inspiration from Pinterest, find a majority of DIY materials at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and purchase pillows and fairy lights from Target. There are so many options, so go crazy!

9. Cozy up for a holiday movie

During the Holiday season, movies can bring together family and friends. These movies vary from animated comedies like “The Grinch” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” to classic films such as “Home Alone” and “The Christmas Chronicles”. Nothing unites people in the holiday spirit more than watching a movie while eating your favorite snacks.

10. Capture the moment with self-timed photos

COVID-19 may be preventing us from having a photoshoot with our friends, but nothing is preventing us from taking great self-timed photos by ourselves. By setting up a tripod or leaning your phone against a wall, we can time our cameras to take pictures after a few seconds. The Paw Print also recommends using a mini projector or LED lights to spice up your photo backgrounds.

11. Holiday Drinks from Different Shops

Nothing says “winter time” like the frenzy of holiday drinks being released at every other cafe in town. From the classic Starbucks Peppermint Mocha to a Cookie Butter latte from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, there is never a shortage of warm, festive flavors. Take your family on a trip through SCV and test out which cafe reigns supreme as a fun way to get into the holiday spirit.

12. Stargazing

Mount Pinos, a mountain by Frazier Park, is a perfect spot for stargazing. You don’t even need to hike up the trail: you can stay in the parking area and watch the stars from the clearing or the comfort of your car. It’s recommended to go during a new moon so the brightness of the moon won’t block out the wonderful array of stars. Check beforehand if there’s snow as well: the elevation at the top is 8,848 feet and you don’t want to be freezing. If you plan on going be sure to bring warm clothes, a blanket, some hot chocolate or coffee and have fun stargazing.