PSA to all Galaxy Note 7 owners


Allison Alben, Staff Writer

  After months of some alarming problems, Samsung is permanently halting production of its popular Galaxy Note 7. The issue began popping up in August with phones’ batteries exploding, and as of Sept. 20, Samsung issued a worldwide recall of the device after several incidents were reported. Not soon after, the phones were declared safe, yet there were still more occasions on which people’s’ phones caught fire. On Oct. 11, Samsung officially declared that it would completely halt production of the Galaxy 7.

  While not the newest seventh generation smartphone on the market, this model is certainly the most famous because of its ongoing exploding batteries. The Galaxy 7, sold internationally, is incredibly popular in Samsung’s base country, South Korea, as well as the U.S. Unfortunately for most consumers, the Galaxy Note 7 happens to be one of the three most popular smartphones in the world, meaning that this device and the issues are incredibly common.

  As a warning to any students who still own this device, Samsung has advised any owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to go to their service provider and try to get it exchanged or get a refund. If any owners are unable to do so, Samsung has recommended to be very gentle with the device, and it is advised not to leave it in a backpack or purse all day as it can get jostled around. Overheating is also a cause of these incidents, so try not to let it overheat. To avoid this, don’t leave the Galaxy 7 in a backpack all day, and if the phone is set down, make sure that it is not a place constantly in direct light, like in front of a window.

  Even though some explosions are caused by a software issue, it’s still best to be aware. However, Samsung has issued that owners are expected to turn in their phones for a refund or an exchange of a newer samsung phone.