PS4 vs. Xbox One


On Dec. 3 of 1994, the brand PlayStation was first introduced in Tokyo, Japan. Fast forward seven years to the United States, the brand Xbox was first announced. Play station’s head start in business proved to be a very useful one in the long run.
Throughout the years, both brands have been evolving and creating new technology all purely for entertainment. Today, both brands have released consoles at the same time. With classic features, current trends, and new cutting edge technology, each console reflects consoles of the past, present, and the future, but the question is: which console does a better job at this?
The age old battle between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has finally come to an end because I have found the winner.
Coming from a strict Xbox and Microsoft background it would be expected of me to claim Xbox One as the winner, but that my friend is not the case. I think it is safe to say PS4 can declare its title as “No.1”.
First off, price is always a huge plus or minus when it comes to buying video games. Quality plus a good price equals happiness. Both Xbox Ones and PS4s can go for around $399 it is more common to find an Xbox One costing around $400 based on “special” game packs it comes with. These packs simply include a “free” game along with the console making it seem like a great bargain. Though the consoles range in price, games listed as new are always the same price (usually $60) without discounts Thus, if you’re looking for a good price PS4 is the way to go.
Secondly, PS4 comes with a wider variety of features, add-ons, and other options. A PS4 can be bought in either black or white, while Xbox One exclusively opens their white option to employees only. Yes, it’s simply just two different colors, but for those who are picky then PS4 has the most color options.
As for the interior, both consoles come with 500GB and an Octa-core (8 core) processor while only PS4s come with Bluetooth and controllers that require no batteries.
Lastly PS4 produces more fan-favorite exclusive games. PS4 exclusives, like “The Last of Us”, have higher quality and are more likely to be a thrilling story based game rather than an over the top science fiction story based game, such as “Halo”, that have you shooting aliens the entire time.
Next time you see the word “One” in a brand, just remember that it doesn’t make it “No. 1”.