Bathroom Raves: The New Wave


Graphic by Sophia Kriegel

Sophia Kriegel, Staff Writer

   West Ranch High School students have taken a high interest in a new and exciting style of music: electro. This head-bumping genre encompasses techno, electro and “rave” music. As it has grown in popularity, students around campus have traded in their headphones for speakers and their bedrooms for the neon-decorated school bathrooms.

   Walking into the crowded restroom during lunch time was similar to stepping into some kind of brightly-colored video game. The doors of the bathroom stalls have been removed and are now being used for crowd surfing. Massive speakers have been set up in the sinks and are sending shockwaves through the lavatories. The students jump up and down wildly with the robotic tunes. This is the new wave of entertainment for bored brunch or lunch-goers that has become a massive trend on West Ranch’s campus.

   When taking a look for myself at one of the bathroom raves held in the women’s restroom located in upper campus, I got to see the madness first hand. The seniors had drawn a distinct circle with red lipstick on the ground. Any underclassmen who dared to put so much as a single toe in their area was immediately thrown out. The freshmen stood in the cramped corners of the cold bathroom, calling their mothers and begging to be picked up, while sophomores and juniors just jumped aimlessly in the middle of the mosh pit.

   The toilet paper being thrown in the air shrouded my vision but I was able to get an interview with one of the “rave masters,” Brad Miller, a senior at West Ranch. After asking him about his aggressive dabbing he soon explained: “School dances for children; real men go to raves.” Although I was unsure the difference, Brad seemed very confident in his assessment of the two.

   Brad is a celebrity around the rave scene and was able to introduce me to his fellow rave master, Chad. I was able to get the inside scoop of this new type of music and why students had gone so crazy for it.

   “Electro is not just a type of music; it’s a lifestyle. The minute I hear those sick beats, my mind is just taken to another world.”

   Similar to Chad’s description, these raves truly do feel like stepping into another space and time. The dancing was like no other, being mostly jumping and waving your hands wildly in the air. One group informed me that they preferred, “head bangers only,”  a term which I later found out meant that they only listened to music that had beats they could nod their heads vigorously to.

   I was also able to get a look at some of the fashion choices of these rave goers. Typically in a regular, outdoor rave, participants would wear extremely revealing outfits that included short shorts, neon crop tops, or no shirt at all. In an attempt to comply with school rules, both males and females wear full wetsuits, making sure they don’t have an inch of skin showing. Despite what one may think, these suits are not restricting to the students or their wild dancing.

   Bathroom raves at West Ranch are a wildly popular trend that attract more students every day. Even the faculty has adopted their own mini raves in the teachers’ lounge. Although it is not confirmed since students are not allowed in there, loud music and strobe lights have been seen and heard during lunch time. We even caught Principal Mark Crawford leaving the teachers’ lounge wearing a neon yellow wetsuit, right on trend with the students and their own bathroom raves.

   Between the exciting dancing and the head bangers, I can clearly see why kids love being a part of the rave scene. Students of West Ranch, make sure you check out these exciting events in both of the upper campus bathrooms!