Let’s Fix It


Iman Baber

“Ugh, who cares?”

“I hate my life.”

“The world is a horrible place.”

Everyday, we hear these comments. They swirl around us like smoke and fill our heads with negative thoughts. And I used to listen. For a while, I believed that humans are a terrible species and that we would destroy ourselves with war and nuclear weapons. And so, I swam is this sticky, dark ocean that devoured whoever stepped in its choppy waters. I called this being realistic. I didn’t realize it was actually negativity. And I certainly didn’t realize how it was hurting me.

Exactly what was I doing? I was actually convincing myself of the horrible future I believed humanity would have. Instead of trying to find a glue to fix the cracks in our society, I only made them worse, spreading them deeper and deeper. And society only fuels this negativity. Everyday, we listen to news reporters drone on about the awfulness of society. We go to school to hear hopeless comments spill out of our peer’s’ mouths. And we go back home to the same news reporter. But I’m tired of hearing about how the economy is failing and how war is killing thousands of people everyday. I get it, the world is not in a great state right now. So what are we doing to fix it?

Silence. Nothing. Drawing up a blank. This is often the response when facing the daunting  task of repairing our fragile world. Society has sunk itself so deep in its own quicksand that there is seemingly no way out. The longer we are wallowing in our own despair, the harder it is to see the positivity. It is rather tragic to see that we are the instruments of our own destruction. But we haven’t realized it. Instead, we just keep drowning in the darkness, without even bothering to reach up and turn on the light. We only react once the panic sirens start blaring; the situation already spiraling out of control. By then it may as well be too late. And our unwillingness to change our situation is not even the worst part.

We are divided, constantly at each other’s necks. This division drives the cracks in our world even further. This division fuels violence and hatred. We refuse to see others for what they really are, and are blinded by ridiculous and meaningless labels, such as nationality, race, or gender. Racism and prejudice remain firmly rooted in the world. And we disregard it, as if it’s not a problem. As a result, it’s fed to our younger generations by our conversations and actions. Today, every child knows what racism is. Every child knows what a gun is.

These problems are much more than blazing news headlines. I believe that these are the core underlying issues that we must resolve in order to fix our world. I know, when there is so much dark in the world it can be hard to find a single positive thing. This may as well be why so many people have such a hopeless mindset. But, in the words of none other than Albus Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” First, we must understand that our future is in OUR hands. NOT the government’s. NOT the corporations’. OURS. And no one else is going to decide what our future will look like. We must be willing to change, taking small baby steps at a time. What’s even more is that our generation has the biggest impact in our world today. We are going to grow up to become the leaders of tomorrow. The creators. The innovators. We must embrace this role, in order to build a more beautiful future.

The next step we must take is unifying society. Using the glue, the first steps, to bring it all back together. Because how will we be able to fix any other pressing issue if we don’t even see eye to eye? Society must destroy those harmful labels, and must start seeing people as people. Human beings. Not as someone wearing a nametag representing a standard that they have been labeled with. Keep the judging thoughts away.

We must take this step know. Because it’s only when we are united, when we will move forward.

We all imagine an amazing future for ourselves. But that amazing future will only come true by hard work and dedication. Taking small steps will make a huge difference in the long run. We must take the first step in order to ensure that beautiful future, by focusing on the positive things in life and working to fix the negative ones. For ourselves. For the next generation. For the world.

We refuse to see others for what they really are, and are blinded by ridiculous and meaningless labels, such as nationality, race, or gender.”