IV: My Journey in becoming a Rapper

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IV: My Journey in becoming a Rapper

Minjoon Kang, Staff Writer

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Ice in my veins. 17-year-old-rapper that attends West Ranch High School. Predecessor of Jakku Ren. When did Minjoon Kang, an innocent Asian boy, turn into IV, the mastermind behind “I’m Down” and “Summer Biz?” Or better yet, when did I decide to pursue music as a full career?

The trend last year was all about utilizing the platform Soundcloud as a means of exposure and music streaming. On Nov. 10, 2016, I decided to pick up the microphone and drop a song on Soundcloud with a friend named Michael, otherwise known as P.OG. Due to spontaneity, nervousness and the low quality of the song, we didn’t have nearly the amount of support to even make a dent in the hip hop scene. Also, I didn’t have a set character or rapping style, which was my first obstacle on my journey to become an artist.

Creating an identity and style is the hardest thing to do. Due to the growing amount of artists all around the world, defining your niche in the music scene is the most difficult. Everyone has similar styles, and defining oneself is extremely important. This starts by creating a name or an A.K.A. When a listener first looks at a song, the name is the reference point for what kind of music and style they are listening too.

For me, I was able to solidify my name as IV, an acronym for ice in my veins. This name has a double meaning for me. The first refers to the ability to remain calm in any situation, especially ones that can upset or cause fear. I strive to be an artist that tells the truth and create music that sticks true to myself. The second meaning derives from the definition of IV. IV is also an acronym of intravenous, a tube that administers fluids into someone’s veins. Often times, the fluids transferred are medicine, acting as a lifeline to other people. Similarly, I hope to make my music a type of medicine for others, a lifeline for them to rely on.

After establishing a name, the second obstacle I faced was how to develop the content and quality of the songs I make. Understanding how to use a digital audio workstation, record, mix and master has a high learning curve for one who first starts making music. Thankfully, in today’s society, it has become easier to access that threshold with the rise of home studios. For a couple hundred bucks, you can buy a decent microphone and a digital interface to record your music in. This makes mastering the craft easier.

In regards to the content of the songs I made, I needed to figure out a formula to use my voice as a means to channel my inner creativity but at the same time, hold elements of today’s trends. Storytelling for me has always been both a childhood hobby and a part of my identity. By writing lyrics in the form of story, I was able to put my personal touch on the music that I make.

From there, by developing my craft and consistently working towards my passion, I was able to grab the attention of many, and come to the point that I am at today. When I was Minjoon, I was someone who wasn’t able to channel his creativity and passion into an outlet. By becoming IV, I found a craft and ultimately, a tool to write my life in the form of lyrics and share it with others.


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