Meat and Sushi: Best Combination in Town

Bull Pan is a great restaurant to eat and enjoy the food comfortably.

Sydney Chang, Staff Writer

Located on Lyons Avenue near Baskin Robbins and Pizza Hut, the Bull Pan Korean BBQ and Sushi restaurant has settled in for local residents to visit and enjoy. Rumor is that Bull Pan offers varieties of tasty menu choices. After finding out about this new restaurant in town, I had to confirm and satisfy my recent cravings for meat.

Upon entering the restaurant, a waiter led me and my friends to a nearby table and asked us for a preference between meat and sushi. We enthusiastically chose meat and the waiter laid down menus for us.

Bull Pan, similar to other Korean BBQ restaurants, offers an all-you-can-eat menu which consists of different meats correlated to different prices. The menu is divided into four main sections with a sports theme: the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

The MLB (Major League Baseball) choice is also known as the “Basic” menu choice which offers about 20 choices of meat and several sushi rolls.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) choice is a little more upgraded and also known as the “Basic and Pro” option. With an estimated 30 choices of meat and over 20 choices of rolls, this part of the menu offers Marinated Short Rib and Rainbow Roll.

The largest menu option for meat is the NFL (National Football League) selection. This choice includes all the meat and sushi dishes offered at Bull Pan including Premium Cut Sirloin and Yellowtail sushi.

Lastly, the NHL (National Hockey League) section of the menu offers rolls for customers who only prefer to eat sushi. The entire 35 different sushi rolls are available for customers who pick the NHL option.  As the prices increase, so do the number of dishes one can choose from.

I noticed the nice and comfortable environment in the restaurant during my meal. Other customers looked very satisfied while eating and enjoying themselves with friends. Unlike Korean BBQ restaurants located around the Los Angeles area, the air quality was cleaner and more fresh. There was no ashy surrounding air causing people’s eyes to sting.

Overall, I really enjoyed the variety of dishes the restaurant offered. Not only were there various choices of meat but also many kinds of sushi rolls. As a big meat lover, I highly recommend the Brisket. When placed on the grill, these thin pieces of meat lay flat with a soft “hiss” sound. As you wait for the meat to cook, your hunger and salivary glands act up. They are consumable in one bite, allowing customers to enjoy the majestic taste of it all.

Plus, the price was very fair in my opinion. Paying at least 20 dollars for an all-you-can-eat is a good deal that will fill your stomach for a good 6 hours.

Lastly, the service was wonderful; waiters cook the meat for you while you and your party sit and eat comfortably. All waiters are very kind and passionate in wanting to serve customers to their best ability.

Other students have also praised this new restaurant. Suren Aghazadian, a sophomore, recently visited and said, “The food tastes awesome. I mean, it’s Korean BBQ, of course it’s awesome. Service was fast and I just felt very comfortable there. I would definitely recommend it.”

I highly urge students and their families to visit this Korean BBQ restaurant as well. If you are tired of visiting the same local restaurants, give this restaurant a try. Those who want to try new kinds of food or absolutely love Korean food should add Bull Pan to the list of restaurants they want to go to next.