Five Weird Yet Useful iPhone Apps


Sydney Chang

Some of the weirdest apps are becoming trends.

Sydney Chang, Staff Writer

Phone applications for the iPhone are becoming more popular and…weirder? As smartphones are becoming more influential and accessible, game companies are working hard in trying to come up with the most unique phone applications. Of course, this is because widespread awareness and downloads of apps result in more profit and better images for companies. As a result, it’s the “Battle of the Weird” amongst these five apps.

  1. Pimple Popper

Dubbed as “a teenager’s worst nightmare” on the AppAdvice website, Pimple Popper is a gross yet appealing app to play with. The objective of the game is to pop the pimples on the teenagers’ faces. Simple eh? But there’s a catch – if you pop it wrong, the game will be over and the character’s face may bleed or scab. Players must identify the type of pimples, strategize on how to pop them and pop them just in time. As one advances in game levels, the number of zits increases as well. With an average rating of four and a half out of five stars, this free app has become a great source of entertainment and has gained recognition as a fun game with decent graphics.

  1. Watching Cute Girl

Ever feel lonely? Need some company? Then the free Watching Cute Girl app by Japanese company, Ningen Inc, is for you. A cute girl appears on the phone screen and watches you. The girl in the screen interacts with users by saying short Japanese phrases, flashing a quick smile, or making a simple sound to gain attention. Be careful however because if the girl gets poked, she becomes upset. This concept may sound very creepy to some people. However, according to Time magazine, this app was developed to help ease people dealing with social isolation. Watching Cute Girl is an ideal app for those seeking attention and a virtual beloved and has been rated by users as a four out of five star game.

  1. Melon Meter

Sometimes, you may be forced into grocery shopping with your parents. A helpful tool to use in this situation would be the mighty Melon Meter app. Rated as a three out of five stars, Melon Meter detects whether a watermelon is ripe enough to buy from the store. The user must first position his smartphone upright, with the microphone facing down toward the watermelon. Then, the user must start pounding on the watermelon until the app says to stop. The Melon Meter rates how ripe the watermelon is. If you always have trouble finding a ripe watermelon, this thrifty $1.99 app is for you. However, be aware of the weird stares you may get from other shoppers.

  1. Dude, Your Car!

This is the perfect app to give your friends a mini heart attack on April Fool’s Day. It distorts photographs in quite a deceiving way. First, the user must take or upload a picture from the album. Then, he or she must touch the parts of the photograph to alter. Lastly, tools can be used  to add realistic stickers and damages to the objects in the picture. Tools include images of police officers, police cars and warning signs.Users can distort pictures of cars to make them look like they have a dent or broken window. Stickers of realistic fires can be placed onto cars and other objects. Although it does cost $0.99, your victims will surely be shocked and frightened.

  1. Hello Cow

Sometimes, when you’re feeling gloomy, a good laugh will cure your mood. Hello Cow costs $0.99 and is probably one of the most simple apps out there.  A cow pops up and once it is touched, it simply screams “Moo!” It is pure entertainment and cures most types of boredom. Open to all ages, it will keep everyone, even teenagers, laughing and engaged for a while. When you have absolutely nothing to do, touch the cow and I guarantee you will be amused.


Besides these five examples, there are so many more strange yet addicting apps available. Be sure to check them out and explore the world of apps. Who knows? You might find one that will benefit your everyday life.