Sibling Love: Sarah and Tommy Weber

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Sibling Love: Sarah and Tommy Weber

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Sarah and Tommy Weber — Junior & Freshman

Sarah (SW)

Tommy (TW)

How would you describe yourself?

SW: I am almost exactly the opposite of Tommy. I think I’m a fun person and sometimes I get particular about how things are done.

TW: I think I am pretty much the opposite of Sarah. In general I’d say I’m an easygoing and calm guy.

What are your hobbies and interests?

SW: Pretty much band and swim.

TW: Band and swimming is my life. Oh and occasionally video games.

What do you think about going to the same school? Is it weird?

SW: Well for four years we’ve been going to different schools so it’s pretty cool. For the times we did go to school together during our elementary years we would always ignore or run away from each other.

TW: It’s great. We actually have a pretty good connection; we talk frequently and she’s always willing to help me out.


Any shared classes?

SW: Is band and swim a class? If Tommy was in my class I think I would get pretty picky and competitive since I’m the older sister.

TW: It would probably be annoying if I had a class with her.


How do you interact with your sibling on campus?IMG_0894

SW: I think we’re pretty normal with each other. I say hi and mess with him.

TW: No. I just… ignore. I see her at swim, band, and home anyway. If I happen to acknowledge her on campus we just pick on each other.


What do you like about your sibling?

SW: I appreciate how he’s supportive and always there for me. He’s just a great guy overall and I know that he will do well in whatever he does in the future.

TW: Sarah helped me get used to high school, and I guess she’s there for me too.


Do you think you look related?

SW: Definitely. The hair, the eyes, the smile… just look at us. Sadly I don’t always look like the “big sister.”

TW: Yes, and it’s great when people think I’m the older one (just because I’m taller).


Additional Comments

SW: I can’t think of anything witty to say.

TW: I think we used to under appreciate each other a lot, but now that we go to the same school and are involved in the same activities we’ve grown to appreciate each other.