Best Places to Get Dessert in Santa Clarita

Sydney Young, Staff Writer

   All aspects of food have always been a passion of mine, whether it be cooking it, researching it, or tasting it. And through my experience the best place to find the latest dessert trends and dishes is the center of it all, Los Angeles. But, sadly when you’re a teenager whose parents are reluctant to spend every weekend driving 45 minutes for food, you’re stuck here, in Santa Clarita Valley. Though it may be crawling with chains and franchises galore, spending a little time to research and explore can definitely pay off.  I’ve been needing some new go-to dessert places for a while, and here are a few that I’ve found.

  1. DW Cookie

   When first opening the door to this cookie shop you’ll immediately notice the friendly face smiling at you. (I later found out that he is the owner of the shop.) His smile especially just makes you feel comfortable enough to strike up a conversation as you would with an old friend. When I stopped by the shop, it was already 30 minutes to closing and there were two people in front of me. Each of them left with a small box in hand, even though I saw no cookies behind the glass display. So I decided to ask if there were any cookies left behind the counter. He instead replied with “No, we’re out. But I can give you some frozen cookies for free.” When I tried to hand him a twenty, he stopped me and said “If they’re not fresh, they’re free!”. On just that experience alone I would come back for a second visit, but later when I got home is when I tried the true magical goodness. Opening the small cardboard box, there were six cookies packaged in a decorative checkered tissue paper. I tried the M&M chocolate chip cookie, the double chocolate chip, and the oatmeal raisin and each one was all spot on in terms of taste. Often I make the mistake of my homemade cookies being too dense but these were the perfect density and also not overly sweet. And last, I’m pretty sure this is one of the first locally owned, small business cookie shops I’ve seen in SCV and I’m happy to say it’s setting the bar pretty high. I hope to see more shops like this soon!

18962 Soledad Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA 91351

  1. S&S Donuts

   This local donut shop has been my go to for as long as I can remember. Childhood summer mornings, going downstairs and finding that signature pink box, the mark of the of S&S donuts. Ahhh. But really, their donuts beat any Krispy Kreme a hundred times over. Their glaze is perfectly executed, with just the right amount of sweetness and you just know that those babies have been created at the crack of dawn by hands that have learned the art of donut making, not a cold hard machine. Each shop is pretty small, with only a few tables to sit down. Inside you’ll be able to find a few staple items like the bear claw, the cinnamon roll and even cronuts! If you aren’t nearby the Lyons location, stop by their two other locations in Stevenson Ranch and Saugus. Make sure to get their early (preferably right as they open) so you can enjoy the most authentic S&S donut experience possible.

24266 Lyons Ave, Newhall, CA 91321

  1. Gelado

At this small and brightly lit ice cream shop you’ll find many hidden treasures. First off is what they call the Gelado Panini. This one of a kind creation is basically Gelado’s take on the classic ice cream sandwich. A scoop of ice cream wedged between two slices of chocolate spread/peanut butter smothered hawaiian bread. For the price of $4.50, I would honestly  just get a single scoop of ice cream because it’s more worth it, but I commend their effort to think of something new. But their ice cream, now this is something you’ll want to check out. Their flavors are unlike any Baskin Robbin or Ben and Jerry’s because they have Mexican-inspired flavors alongside the traditional vanilla and chocolate. Some include horchata and even habanero chocolate! When I visited, they sadly were not currently selling the habanero chocolate, but I did get a chance to try their mango flavor. You could definitely tell that it was the real deal, not just your regular ole pint of grocery store ice cream. It had a fresh and light taste, but also a nice layer of creaminess to it.

23762 Newhall Ave Santa Clarita, CA 91321

  1. Eat Real Cafe

   This gem on Lyons Avenue focuses on fresh, seasonal, and organic food that is also flavorful and appetizing. But my go to for a quick snack is their small selection of baked goods. My first visit here was just a quick stop on a lazy Sunday morning after running some errands. I ordered both the chocolate chip scone and the raspberry cheesecake, and they were equally amazing. The scone was perfect with the fresh pressed juice I also got; each item tasted very fresh and wholesome. The raspberry cheesecake though was a surprising delight. Walking into a healthy cafe, you don’t exactly expect to find a dessert as deliciously creamy and fluffy as it was. The size was just enough not to overfill me, but still left me with a slight craving for more. If cheesecake isn’t your forte, they also sell a few other baked goods such as brownies, protein bars, and acai bowls which I sadly did not get the chance to try. Eat Real Cafe also has a happy hour Monday-Friday 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. where they have discounts such as half off scones and $1 off grillers and bowls.

  Give these shops a go and you’ll be sure to find a new favorite go-to spot in no time!