Behind the Scenes: Rally Set-up


Andy Song

Although ASB events take a lot of hard work, rally preparation can be plenty of fun. Senior member Kelsey Fernando shows this as she smiles brightly while talking to fellow members.

Min Jae Kang, Andy Song, and Jong Hak Won

Around three times a semester, West Ranch’s students, from freshmen to seniors, congregate in the gym to attend an ASB sponsored rally. While most students appreciate the rally itself, many are not aware of the tremendous amount of work that’s put in to ensure that the rally runs smoothly. Even though a rally is only about a half hour long, several hours of labor are put in over the days leading up to the main event. From audio to posters to hosting, ASB must plan to cover all bases. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in order to create the spectacle that is the rally.