Have Another Chip

Alina Truong, Staff Writer

 The TV drones on as your greasy fingers rummage back into the bag of oily chips. You’ve finished yet another movie, and yet another bag.

 It’s maybe only as you’re lying down in bed that you realize just how much you’ve consumed, and just how much you shouldn’t have. You’re guilty for the few minutes left before you fall asleep.

 The next day, all is forgiven and this junky cycle is bound to occur again. Luckily, there’s a better way for you to satisfy your cravings without the feeling of regret.


 Baked Snapeas


 Fluffy and refreshingly green, these chips are baked, not fried, which saves you the extra calories and fat. Peas also contain more protein and fiber than your regular potato. Baked snapeas are also only lightly salted, which cuts more sodium out of your diet.


 Plantain Chips

 Plantain chip

 These are not the sweet, thicker banana chips. These are the savory, thinner, crispy plantain chips. Plantain chips can be roasted or baked, which is still better than being fried. They’ll give you more vitamins, less fat, and less sodium than regular potato chips.

 Sweet Potato Chips

 sweet potato chip

 You may be wondering why sweet potatoes would be any more nutritious than regular potatoes, without the “sweet.” Well, sweet potatoes contain more fiber, vitamins, and overall nutrients – without all of the extra calories and carbs that are embodied in the average oily potato chip.


 You can treat these newly discovered snacks as healthy indulgences that justify your inability to rip your arm away from the bag of chips. Other wholesome finger foods that you can munch on, that aren’t necessarily chips in form, but taste and crunch similarly, are:

 Roasted green peas which are like the baked snapeas but without the shell. Roasted peas alone are also much crispier versus the fluffy snapeas.

 Almonds pack vitamins, healthy fats, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and high quality protein which can help prevent cardiovascular heart diseases.

 Kale chips are basically just crispy dried kale. They came in different flavors, but all of them are low-calorie and nutrient-dense compared to normal potato chips. You can even make them yourself at home by just roasting or baking them in the oven!

 Veggie sticks (can also be found in chip form) contain low sodium and more vitamins.