Five ’90s Fashion Trends

  It has been 16 years since the ‘90s, the era of rap music, grunge fashion and Nickelodeon. This means that most of the people around us like our parents and siblings have lived during the ‘90s, ensuring the influence of ‘90s trends even two decades later. Throughout the 2000’s, not much has changed. Kids still watch Nickelodeon and teens still blast rap music in their cars on the way to school. Sure, we have made some political and technological advances but as far as fashion and culture go, we are stuck borrowing trends from the past. Part of this because shows created in the ‘90s such as “Friends” are becoming increasingly popular, along with ‘90s inspired stores like Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters. I can’t complain because I too adore plenty of these fashion trends. These are five ‘90s fashion trends that are coming back in style.

  For starters, if you were wondering when the fitted sweatpant-like pants we call joggers became popular, look to the ‘90s. Joggers very closely resemble the popular baggy pants formerly called parachute pants or MC Hammer pants. The main difference between them is that the ‘90s pants were slightly baggier all around. Still, our joggers are just one of the many trends adopted from the ‘90s. They provide the comfort of sweatpants while still giving off an effortlessly cool look– it’s no wonder they are so popular. They can be paired with a wide variety of tees, denim jackets, and sneakers for a ‘90s vibe.


   Now let’s talk about those turtlenecks. Everyone considered them a trend of the past until Brandy Melville came out with just an average turtleneck pullover. However, this doesn’t mean that you should wear the turtlenecks your mom and dad have been hiding in the back of their drawers. The fashionable turtlenecks are often thinner and have a lower neckline. If you have seen any episode of “Friends” or looked through your parents’ photo albums, then you would know that this trend most definitely was borrowed from the ‘90s. These popular style of sweaters are the epitome of cozy– trapping in body heat up to the neck. For a grunge look, they can be worn with suede skirts and Doc Marten boots or boyfriend jeans and sneakers.


  Although denim jackets and vests have never gone out of style, they have been especially popular in recent years. In the ‘90s, light-washed was in style and now it is more popular than the classic, dark-wash. Denim jackets and vests were a staple back then and therefore a staple today when it comes to modernizing ‘90s fashion. They can layered over practically anything and worn all year long. A classic Rachel Green look from “Friends” is to pair a denim vest with a casual black dress or skirt.


  After watching reruns of “Friends” episodes, “Clueless,” and Britney Spears’ music videos, our generation finally caught on to the plaid skirt trend. Plaid skirts were a classic piece back then and are making a comeback now. They can be layered over tights and paired with a sweater for cool weather or worn with a cropped tank for warm weather.


   In the late ‘60s Dr. Martens boots first came out. They didn’t become popular until the 90’s when grunge fashion peaked. Taking a cue from the ‘90s,  they were popularized in the past few years. Now they come in a range of both matte and shiny colors. They can be worn throughout all four seasons and styled in any way imaginable. Most girls pair them with skirts to downplay a little bit of the masculine aesthetic, while guys embrace the look with jeans.

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  Since the ‘90s, we have borrowed several fashion trends. So if you want to reminisce about the past or are looking to jump on the vintage bandwagon, be sure to pick up a few of these staple pieces. They will update your wardrobe lacking a bit of the ‘90s instantly.