Food Review: Las Delicias


two taco combo with beans and rice

Sydney Young, Staff Writer

  In the shopping center down the street from West Ranch where Albertsons was once located, a quick stop Mexican restaurant named Las Delicias is wedged between Fatburger and Subway (located at 26894 The Old Road, Stevenson Ranch). You might’ve seen it around town, and one has finally arrived near campus! It’s great for some quick and cheap tacos during lunch before it’s time to rush back to class.

  The restaurant is very simple but also clean and crisp in all of its aspects.  Upon entering you will soon notice that it is a “seat yourself” style. The tables and seats are all very basic, but are made interesting with each tabletop showing a unique picture of a city or landmark in Mexico. In the back there is also a small salsa bar that goes great with the complimentary tray of tortilla chips that comes with your order. If you order a drink, you can taste some of the delicious Rica! brand horchata that they serve right next to the soda machine.

  The environment of the restaurant is very relaxed which is great for eating in instead of just getting take-out. One aspect I really enjoyed during my meal was that there were multiple TVs that were showing the soccer games being played that day. It was a nice quick lunch with some good food, and some good entertainment. You could see that basically everyone there was also enjoying the games because the restaurant was pretty silent for a while.

  When we finally decided what we wanted to order, we went to the cashier and I noticed that there was a stack of coupons next to the register that advertised specials always available to order. After glancing over at it, I ended up changing my order to one of the specials, which was three tacos and a drink for only $4.99. The food came only about five minutes after we sat down at our table, despite the growing amount of customers in line. I ordered a beef taco, chicken taco, and a marinated pork taco while my friend had the two taco combo that comes with rice, beans, and drink for $6.99. The marinated pork and beef were both nicely seasoned and even better when I added a squeeze of lime juice. The chicken taco however was a bit dry and flavorless. All the tacos are a pretty small portion size, so depending on your appetite you might want to order more than three tacos. For a lunch meal that just fills you up enough I would definitely recommend just ordering the two taco combo because the rice and beans it comes with make the meal a perfect portion size (plus it also comes with a drink). The prices were also very reasonable with the total coming out to be only $13.06 for two people. To save even more on your meal, Las Delicias offers tacos at a discounted price of $1 from Monday through Thursday, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The tacos I ate were tasty, but not anything superbly special to rave about. I would like to try the other types of meat they offer, and the beef tamale on the menu definitely might just be a reason to dine here again. So if I’m not in the mood for the usual choices of Panda Express and Subway, I’ll be back at Las Delicias. It’s authentic cuisine is definitely something you would want to try at least once, and it’s perfect if you just need a quick, cheap bite to eat.