Campus of many colors

December 15, 2015

Walk around campus any day and you will likely spot at least one student sporting a head of technicolor hair. Many students at West Ranch have brightly colored hair — or conversely, hair completely stripped of color. But despite stereotypes about people with dyed hair, all of these students are very different, with widely ranging reasons for changing up their natural hue. Take a look at just some of the colorful personalities we have here at the Ranch.

Katelyn Weiss (11)


Why did you dye your hair?

“Purple’s my favorite color, and I felt it was time for a change, time to be different.”

When did you first dye your hair?

“I first dyed my hair last year and I’ve been dyeing it ever since. It’s always purple, but sometimes it’s purple braids, sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s pink and purple.”



Maddy Blaha (12) and Valentina Antepara (11)


Why did you dye your hair?

Maddy: “I’m just trying to look hesh, look fresh.”

Valentina: “I did this to my hair because I always see pictures of really pretty girls with their hair all cool and I was like ‘I wanna be hot so I’m gonna do this to my hair.’ And it was also like, I’m a teenager, I’m not gonna be able to do this while I’m 30, so I’m gonna do it now.”

Maddy, why did you bleach your eyebrows?

Maddy: “I gotta be zef. I don’t know, it was a really impulsive thing.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

Valentina: “I feel that my hair says that I’m breaking style. So many girls are so self-conscious about doing things with their hair and I just YOLO’d it. I think that says a lot about me, that I’m kind of open minded.”

Maddy: “My hair is usually greasy. That’s all I have to say about that.”



Alex Hoffman (11)


Why did you dye your hair?

“I got bored with what I saw in the mirror, so I said ‘hey, it’d be cool to dye my hair.’ It’s less temporary than a tattoo, and my mom was cool with it, so yeah.”

When did you first dye your hair?

“I started dying my hair October of freshman year. I’ve always dyed it the same color, but over summer I did purple streaks, and then I went back to blue.

What do you think your hair says about your?

“My hair says that I’m more individual. It’s kinda normal, and it’s kinda fun, and that’s what I am. I’m kinda normal and kinda fun.”



Oseizele Ego (10)


Why did you dye your hair?

“These are braids actually, so it’s attached to my hair. I like purple and black, so I chose purple instead of just straight black.”

When did you choose your hair color?

“I was planning to do my hair in September for my birthday, so that’s why I chose these.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

“I think my hair says that I’m unique and want to be different.”



Ryan Fife (11)


Why did you bleach your hair?

“I guess to be different, and I just didn’t want black hair anymore.”

When did you bleach your hair?

“A month or so ago.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

“I’m different. That’s all.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I was gonna do some other colors, but I think bleach looks the best for right now.”


Nicky Dolan (12) and Max Zamieroski (11)


Why did you bleach your hair?

Nicky: “I just thought it would look really cool. It’s funny because I remember when I dyed my hair black for the first time, I told myself I would never go back to blonde.”

Max: “About a year ago on Halloween, all my friends bleached their hair and I just kinda kept it up.”

When did you bleach your hair?

Nicky: “I bleached my hair toward the end of summer, in August I think? That’s when school starts, right? He bleached his around the same time.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

Nicky: “I think it says that I do things impulsively. When you bleach your hair, you’re basically killing it and it’s just awful for it. I didn’t think, ‘hey, this is probably going to ruin my hair,’ I was just like, ‘eh, it’s gonna look good.’”

Max: “At first, it was my group of friends’ thing and then the baseball team did it and everyone asked me ‘why did you bleach your hair?’ and I was like ‘Oh God.’ And then they stopped and people stopped asking about it. I don’t know, it says that I make dank memes.”

Nicky: “It says that I’m a cool and indie girl.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Nicky: “Honestly, don’t bleach your hair–”

Max: “It’s out of style, don’t do it anymore.”

Nicky: “–unless you wanna deal with keeping it up. I just feel like it’s so pointless, and if you do it yourself it can turn out orange; there’s just so many things that can go wrong.”

Max: “My hair is completely dead.”

Nicky: “My hair isn’t dead, but it could happen to so many other people. My hair just took it well, but that’s not the case with other people. It could literally just fry your hair.”



Eva Schroeder (11)


Why did you dye your hair?

“Because it looks cool and I like to express myself creatively through tiny pieces of hair.”

When did you dye your hair?

“Back in March, I dyed it lavender, and that was the very first time I dyed my full head of hair.”

What colors have you dyed your hair?

“Purple, lavender, turquoise, green, and blue.”

When did you shave your head?

“Over the summer, right before school started. I got it because I’m gonna shave my head and I wanted to see what it looked like half shaved and if I like my head shape enough to shave it all.”

So, the verdict?

“Yeah, I’m gonna do it.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

“I’m a fun person to be around, and I’m creative and I’m hesh.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“If you wanna dye your hair do it because it’s fun and you probably won’t regret it?”



Shelby Samois (12)


Why did you dye your hair?

“I dyed my hair because I needed a change. I wasn’t really happy with myself, and I felt that I needed something to express myself more than my outfits or my makeup. And I love purple, and I wanted my hair to be purple.”

When did you dye your hair?

“August 2014, and it’s been dyed ever since.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

“I think that it says that I don’t care. I get judged for it a lot, but I think that it just says that I’m not afraid to show what I like and what I like to look like. I’m fearless. Judge me, world.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“Dye your hair. It’s awesome, it’s fun, and it’s creative. You get compliments and little kids stare at you.”



Camryn Utvich (12)


Why did you bleach your hair?

“I wanted to get back to my natural hair color. I dyed it brown my freshman or sophomore year, and then I just kind of got sick of it.”

So you’re originally blonde?

“Yeah. I’m originally kind of this blonde. This is a little too brown, but it’s close.”

Why did you originally dye your hair?

“I just thought it would look cool. And I was like, scene, so I wanted to go dark, but I didn’t want to go black. You know how every teenager goes through that phase where they want to change something for themselves? I dyed my hair brown, and then I chopped it off.”

What do you think your hair says about you?

“It symbolizes me in a way, because I’m always changing. Every time I change my mind about something or find a new belief, anything to do with social issues or anything like that, I want to change myself in a way. The more I learn, the more I grow as a person, outside and in. When I cut my hair, I felt like I was such a different person from when I had my long hair. Hair is so temporary; it grows, and it changes, and it never really stays the same. Do whatever you want with your hair, you can always change it back.”

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