Graduation Cap

The West Ranch graduates got a chance to let their creative colors fly at graduation this year. This time around, the Class of 2017 was allowed to do something never awarded to any class before: decorate their caps.

In the past, there was a concern that students would put inappropriate messages of symbols on their caps.

“A couple of other high schools in the district have allowed the students to decorate their caps,” said Vice Principal Asplund. “I went to every senior class and talked about expectations, and I told them that I thought that if it went well, Mr. Crawford and the administration team will allow future graduates to participate.”

As it turned out, Mr. Crawford and Ms. Asplund did not need to worry. The students used the night to express their passions, their friendships, their hopes for the future, and the colleges they will be spending the next four years of their lives.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to decorate my cap. We’ve spent years producing work the way we’ve been told to, but today, we got to make something the way we wanted to make it,” said West Ranch graduate Taylor Aitken.

The Class of 2018 now have the opportunity to decorate their caps at their graduation.

“I’m so excited to decorate my cap next year,” said junior Chloe Kim. “I’m either going to do Disney or some really cute way to show my school spirit.”