(Wild)Cats and Dogs


Meet Ossie Summerell. And of course, you can’t forget his sister Petunia Summerell, the Boston terrier-chihuahua mix. These two have the privilege of living with West Ranch sophomore Olivia Summerell and freshman Sophia Summerell.

Ossie the pug found his new forever home this past July. Before, he was found wandering around Orange County and was eventually taken to the Orange County Animal Shelter. However, Ossie is eight-years-old, and older dogs are notoriously harder to adopt. However, even in his old age, he’s still ridiculously adorable.

“He’s the laziest dog I’ve ever met. Ossie is a huge attention hog, and I know he’s tiny, but I swear this dog eats his weight in food every day,” says his owner Olivia. This food addiction is something to be witnessed first hand. During our photography session, several leaves were at risk of being consumed simply by being in our hands.

Petunia is quite the contrast to her brother. This 11-year-old girl is very nervous around people, and she actually avoided the camera as much as she could. Petunia, though she is a mix that might be found in shelter, has lived with the Summerells all her life. “She’s really more of a cat,” says Olivia with a laugh. “She’s not that into being held or pet; she’s more content to watch from afar.”

As different as this brother and sister duo are, they are still part of the same family. And now, they can be a small part of our family here at West Ranch. Join us here next time for more (Wild)cats and dogs, and make sure to catch our slideshow of pictures below.