Not-Your-Average Halloween Group Costumes


Brooke Johnston, Katie Luo, and Emily Chang

Each year people tend to gravitate toward one costume derived from the most popular show or movie of the year. We know you’ve seen it: a swarm of people dressed as Minions, Elsa or Harley Quinn parading down the street each Halloween night. This year, we have assembled a list of costumes that we can guarantee will prevent you from running into anyone with the same outfit. Not to mention, they are DIY and suitable for anyone on a budget.




We all know those people who are die-hard Halloweeners, but not everyone is as hyped for this holiday than others. These costumes are for those who never lost their Christmas spirit last December, are still looking for those easter eggs, or simply want to be ironic.




  • Pink top
  • Pink tutu
  • Bunny ears
  • Eyeliner
  1. Put on the shirt, tutu, and bunny ears. You can even make the tutu using tulle by tying it around an elastic band.
  2. Optional: Draw whiskers and a nose with the eyeliner.


-St. Patrick’s Day


  • Green top
  • Overalls
  • Green socks
  • Green top hat
  • Green bowtie
  • Black and yellow felt
  • Scissors + glue gun
  1. Decorate the top hat! Cut out a small square of yellow felt and back that up with a slightly larger square of black felt, and hot glue these to the top hat.
  2. Cut and add felt four-leaf clovers wherever you want.
  3. Dress in the socks, shirt, overalls, and bowtie.




  • Santa hat
  • Red dress
  • Boots
  • Large belt
  1. Put on all of the accessories and embrace your Christmas spirit!
  2. Optional: Add other accessories or Christmas-themed items that might be lying around the house.


-Independence Day


  • Large teal cloth
  • Teal cardstock
  • Flashlight
  • Orange tissue paper or any material that can pass for fire
  • Teal book


  1. Fold the teal cloth in half, making sure you are inside of the fold
  2. Take the unconnected edge and tie it under one arm. Tie the other edge above your other shoulder so that it becomes a single-strap dress
  3. Tie and bunch other areas of the cloth to duplicate Lady Liberty’s dress
  4. Optional: You can add a belt to the waist area or drape more cloth over to add style


  1. Cut the teal cardstock into the shape of the Lady Liberty headpiece and fold the pointed edges outward
  2. Attach a strip of paper to the rim of the crown and tape it around the head
  3. For the flashlight, wrap the cardstock around the handle and add tissue paper to the top




Whether you like sushi or not, you can’t deny that these costumes are soy charming. When you and whoever else are pulling off this costume st-roll-ing down the neighborhood, you’ll o-fish-ally have the title of tastiest costume ever!


  • White outfit (dress, romper, etc.)
  • Long piece of black cloth
  • Pillow
  • Old white pillowcase
  • Orange Dye
  • Headband
  • White adhesive felt or white paint
  • Green shower pouf
  • Pink felt



Grab your pillowcase and prepare your dye accordingly to the package’s specific instructions. You can dye your pillowcase a wide variety colors depending on what type of sushi you want to be! For example, you could try orange for salmon or yellow for egg.

  1. To make salmon, cut the adhesive tape into long strips and arrange it along the pillowcase in a chevron pattern.
  2. Put the pillow in the pillowcase.
  3. Get your white outfit on and tie the black sash around yourself with the pillow on your back.



  1. Cut light pink felt into strips.
  2. Arrange the felt so it folds and layers upon each other like ginger. Also be sure to hot glue or sew the felt in place so it says in place.
  3. Glue ginger and a shower pouf as wasabi onto the headband.
  4. Wear your headband with sushi costume or by itself.


Beanie Babies


Remember collecting these small plush toys as a kid? Well the past is re-living itself with this incredibly simple, comfortable, and adorable costume. Go solo or roll out in your own beanie baby squad. This costume is also super customizable with whatever onesie you’d like.


  • Onesie
  • Red cardstock 12×12
  • White paint
  • Red ribbon
  1. Start with a large piece of red cardstock and cut it out into the shape of a heart. This will be the beanie baby tag that comes with every toy
  2. Google the “TY” beanie baby logo. Freehand it or use a stencil and trace it onto the cardstock
  3. Fill in the logo with white paint
  4. Hole punch the corner of the heart and string a red ribbon through it
  5. Wear your onesie and tie your customized beanie baby logo around your neck like a necklace


Nov. 1 rolls around and almost everyone looks back on the night before, regretting the ridiculous amount of candy consumed, and yet another year of basic costumes. Make this year a Halloween to remember by gathering your friends and trying one of these original and inexpensive DIY Halloween costumes.