Pop-Up Shops

Fun-sized, temporary shops are popping up all over LA, armed with cute decor, trendy themes, and long lines. Pop-up shops are taking major cities around the world by storm, and the enthusiasm surrounding them is only growing. If you’re wondering which pop-up shops have come and gone, which you can anticipate, and how best to approach them, you’ve come to the right place.

The Taylor Swift pop-up shop was stationed in Santa Monica for three days before departing. It was accentuated with neon signs, photo opportunities, and limited edition clothing and accessories. It was for the “Swifties” of Los Angeles, and visitors enjoyed free refreshments and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos. I do not regret waiting two hours to get in, because it was definitely worth it to get an exclusive look into the life of Swift, whom I have loved since she first started her career. This was an overall incredible experience.

The Kylie Jenner Cosmetics pop-up was in The Grove LA from November through the end of 2017. Makeup artists flocked to Topshop to purchase her specialty lipsticks that could not be found anywhere else. “My brand is all about empowering young women, and giving them confidence through makeup, and I feel that Topshop shares that same mission,” said Jenner. Her $420 million-dollar brand is making waves not just here in Los Angeles, but in major cities all around the country.

Restaurants can act as pop-up shops as well. The Scum & Villainy Cantina is a pop-up shop turned permanent. This Star Wars bar grew to fame at lightspeed, attracting people from all different cities and planets dressed in their best intergalactic gear. The interior looks like it came straight out of the movies. Minors are welcome every day until 9:00 pm. Check it out on Hollywood Boulevard.

Kai is another pop-up restaurant which recently opened up for vegans. Seventeen-year-old Kai Kani started her first business at age 10, and was stationed on Melrose Avenue at a Johnny Rockets to promote her self-titled business. For two sweet days, customers could enjoy burgers, milkshakes, fries, and a variety of other savory foods. Though this one has closed, her shops are constantly moving to new locations throughout Los Angeles. Visit her online store to order vegan cookie dough, and keep up with her website to see when her next shop will pop up.

Besides restaurants and stores, pop-up experiences are becoming increasingly more popular. For those who don’t know, these “experiences” are basically just one giant photo op in an aesthetic building. The Museum of Ice Cream just came and went, but not before thousands passed through to eat ice cream, take pictures, and enjoy themselves in the brightly colored rooms and themed exhibits. Who wouldn’t want to jump into a pool of sprinkles?

Another experience that is coming into Los Angeles is The Happy Place. This whole experience is designed to make everyone happy and has the same kind of larger-than-life immersive rooms that the Museum of Ice Cream did. The only catch? You have to purchase a ticket in order to enter. For the Museum of Ice Cream, at least, the money was definitely worth it. Mark your calendars for mid-April so you can visit The Happy Place, and make reservations before it sells out.

Pop-up shops center around a certain theme, and that is part of the reason why they are so popular. This theme may attract more visitors because it is something that they are passionate about. The shops also have a whimsical atmosphere that keeps customers coming through their doors. When visiting any pop-up, make sure to bring a friend to enjoy it with, a backpack to hold your phone and money, and definitely do not forget your camera. Most of all, have fun and stay on the lookout for future pop-ups to visit next.