Chop Stop

Chop, stop, and roll on over to the Valencia Promenade to check out a new restaurant in town. It is called the Chop Stop and is famous for serving up “more than a salad.” Fine chopped salads are their specialty, but you can get the delicious ingredients and lettuce in the form of a wrap, bowl, or classic salad.

I ordered a customized barbeque chicken wrap, and my parents got the Cobb and Santa Fe Chops. Everything was delicious, and flavor was bursting in every bite. The portion size was perfect to fill you up, but not overstuff you. The premade chops had a delightful combination of flavors, including the Chop Stop classic, Greek Chop, Vegan Bowl, and many more.

In customizing your own chop, bowl, or wrap, you first choose your lettuce or lettuce hybrid. Next, you can choose any six ingredients from the extensive selection and pay extra to add more. Finally, top it off with some dressing and you’re good to go. The barbeque chicken was by far the best part of my meal, but the ranch dressing was a little bland. After getting drinks, the average price per person was about ten dollars, which is reasonable.

When I asked customers their opinions on the Chop Stop, the common response was that the ingredients tasted fresh, and I agree. The ingredients weren’t the only fresh par t, however, because all of the bowls and cups are made from recycled bottles and plants. I thought this was an interesting touch to accentuate the fresh and organic vibe that the restaurant emits.

Though the indoor seating area was a little bit cramped, the outdoor area was more comfortable, especially with the nice weather. It is a little bit loud with Magic Mountain Parkway adjacent to the tables, but the upbeat music coming from the speakers drowns out the traffic. If you can’t find the time to drive over and check it out, it’s partnered with Uber Eats.

All in all, the fresh and flavorful salads paired with the peaceful atmosphere earned five out of five paws from me.