Sending Off the Class of 2019


Erin Eskoff, Staff Writer

How has the time gone by so fast? I remember my first day at West Ranch, walking through the gates as a freshman when you were juniors, excited as ever to go to school with you. Now, I am devastated to see you leave those very same gates for the last time.

To the class of 2019, thank you for all of the amazing memories, for making this school even better, for helping me grow as a person and so much more.

Saying “it’s crazy” to give you a final goodbye is an understatement. From the seniors on the 2018-2019 Varsity Volleyball team to the ones I unfortunately haven’t met these past two years, I’m thankful that each and every one of you have, in some way, changed my life.

I wouldn’t ever expect to be so connected with so many seniors. Each and every day I arrive for school, I walk on this campus feeling special, knowing I can laugh, talk to and hang out with some of you that I’ve been close with for so long or some who I’ve met just last year.

Thank you for warning me how hard chemistry would be but also letting me know how awesome Mrs. Chang is. Without the constant reminders, I probably wouldn’t have survived my sophomore year.

Thank you for welcoming me and guiding me through the journey of high school these past two years. I wouldn’t have been able to do it with a smile on my face if you never came into my life.

Thank you for the support, the memes, the jokes and even the rough patches. Watching you grow up right in front of my eyes feels like it happened in an instant. Even though I’ve spent two of the best years of my life with you, it still feels like I didn’t have enough time.

There is so much more to thank you guys for, but if I listed them all, it would take you a full decade to read it. But to summarize, you’ve given me everything I could’ve possibly wanted from you and more. I don’t know what I did to deserve such incredible, caring people in my life, but every single day, I become more and more grateful.

As the beginning of the end approaches, the stream of tears become waterfalls. I never imagined I would lose my mind, thinking about how many days I have left with you.

Getting emotional just writing about how to say goodbye makes it ten times harder to put it into words. I couldn’t write a letter long enough explaining how much you all mean to me and how you’ve affected my life so dramatically.

When your last arrival on campus comes around, I can’t even picture how badly I’ll be crying rivers with mascara running down my face. Feeling so close to you is an unforgettable feeling that will hold in a special place in my heart for forever.

Do what makes you happy, and it’ll make me even happier for you. I know you’ll make me proud when you continue your journey into becoming independent, amazing people.

Thank you Class of 2019. You will be missed dearly.