Space Rat


Chika Winston, Website Design Editor-in-Chief

 As the drummer starts with a beat, soon to be followed by the two guitarists, the four band members stand atop the stage — sweat trickling down their faces but cheeks engraved with smiles — where they overlook the small crowd in front of them. 

  Today, they are here to perform. Tonight, they will bring something that has never been heard before. The singer grabs her mic, ready to breathe the first note, focused and attentive to the sounds surrounding her. Now, it is time to perform. 

   This is Space Rat. 

   Space Rat was created in a small garage with two aspiring musicians, Hart High Seniors Jacob Dadlani and Declan Collins. West Ranch Senior Ben Hernandez soon joined the small duo. With Dadlani on drums, Collins on bass guitar, and Hernandez on electric guitar, all they needed was a singer to turn their small trio into an official band. 

   West Ranch Senior Austyn Malynn joined the band, bringing her wicked vocals and songwriting talent, bringing together the final piece that the band needed. 

   “I think it was just a situation where two friends both share this love and talent for music, so why not?” Malynn said, “I joined because I have always thought it would be cool to take this thing that has always been apart of my life and go out and explore it and share it with others.”

   The band has only been together for about a little more than a year, but they worked tirelessly since the formation of the band, trying to balance school, band practices and performances.

   Space Rat considers themselves a mix line of alternative and progressive Rock. They have covered classic rock covers from artists like Van Halen to AC/DC, but their original music moves them to a progressive rock feel. 

   Despite being a small band, the four have quickly made a name for themselves, even performing at parties and places like Vincenzo’s.

   Malynn said, “It’s a lot of fun just jamming and laughing with people who love music as much as you do.”

   Space Rat has big plans for the future, from releasing an extended play, recording and performing at gigs and concerts. We are so excited to see what’s in store for them!