West Ranch Memes: Behind the Scenes

Vanessa McLaughlin, Staff Writer

In the midst of finstas, spam accounts and personal accounts, there lies a hidden gem in West Ranch’s online footprint. What started out as a fun account full of light-hearted memes grew to a 1,770-follower and counting meme account dedicated to West Ranch students. 

The unknown owner of the account is a witty, meme-loving West Ranch student who enjoys running the social platform. 

The owner explains the most enjoyable part of running the account: “It’s always a great feeling when I get a sudden inspiration for a new creation, and I also enjoy being able to talk to so many people. As far as my favorite part? Being anonymous. I would really hate to only be known as the meme guy, and that’s why it’s so crucial that you guys don’t know who I am. I can still be who I want to be, and you guys still get your memes. This has been one of the best trade deals in the history of deals.” 

The mystery owner of this account did not necessarily plan to make memes for his peers. It just came up as a sudden hobby. 

“I never really made a decision to start making memes. Even as early as junior high I was trying to put text boxes on funny pictures in Microsoft paint. As I started using social media more, I grew more comfortable using photoshop and other tools. I first started posting my memes in freshman year to a private Snapchat story, and right around junior year was when I started using Instagram more, so it just felt natural to back up all my creations there,” he explained his origins of creating the account.

His good-humored memes have gained him many followers, since these types of posts are the way students relate to one another in this age of technology.

Having many followers means that there are many people that become either offended or simply dislike the content. “A surprising number of people have made it a point to try and discourage me, and that always sucks. But ultimately it’s been a growing process and I have learned to stop caring about what other people say,” the owner tells The Paw Print. 

However, there are just as many people who support the account. 

“West Ranch Memes has some pretty relatable memes about teachers and students. I think it’s a pretty cool account and I think it should keep going,” freshman Saanvi Swain says. “I hear people around school all the time talking about some of the content. It’s really cool to see everyone bonding over memes.”

This account has brought the West Ranch community together with only pictures and captions. 

“Memes are more powerful than people think. A couple of pixels can brighten someone’s day, remind someone of an old memory, or even build an argument for or against something,” the anonymous owner explains while doing a Mr. Blaugrund impression. 

Even the most simple things like images and phrases can unite a community. 

“People love to bond over shared experiences, and I’m grateful to have a platform where I can recognize those moments,” said the owner about the future of this account. He wants it to be an open door for West Ranch to make it a place people want to go, and that all comes with a tightly-woven community. 

“I’m just the icebreaker here — you guys are the ones who decide what our campus is like,” he says. 

This account means a lot to many students and has now been added to West Ranch culture. 

Make sure to follow @westranchmemes on Instagram and encourage our fellow students to keep our community united.