Alyssa Chang , Staff Writer

BTS, the well-known South Korean boy band of seven, made headlines again on Feb. 21 with the release of their latest album “Map of the Soul:7,” better known as “MOTS:7.”

The members, RM, Jin, J Hope, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook, claim that this album held a special meaning for them. Although the last few weeks were a long wait for the devoted ARMYs, or BTS fans, around the world, the album was definitely worth the painfully long journey.

According to the Washington Post, “MOTS:7” sold an incredible four million pre-orders worldwide. Though many now conveniently listen to songs on electronic devices, ARMYs showed their devotion by purchasing millions of physical albums even before the album was released.

This album is meaningful for the group since the “7” in the album title refers to the seven members in the band and the number of years they have performed together. It features the individual members’ journeys throughout their careers, and the group claims that it expresses their love for their career.

The leader of the group, RM, stated, “This album is like a big statement and declaration that we admit our destiny, we admit our shadows and lights at the same time.”

“We recognize our destiny and all the paths,” he said.

Compared to the other albums by the septet, “MOTS:7” is much longer, containing 20 tracks in total. Since the album features so many songs, The Paw Print reviewed its favorite seven of the 20 tracks.


Track 7: “Black Swan”

Contrasting from the previous piece, this song captures a classical theme with a heavy trap beat, instrumentals and a feature of the Slovenian MN Dance Company. The song is based on a quote by dancer Martha Graham that states, “A dancer dies twice — once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” The song lyrics state that when music no longer fills them with the same passion as before, it would feel like their first death.

Track 8: “Filter”

The second solo in the album belongs to Jimin, the lead vocalist of the group. He explained his thought that “filters can be the things within a camera application, or social media, but it can also mean people’s perspective or prejudice.”

Track 10: “Louder than bombs”

After the big chunk of solos in the album, the group finally sang together with the song “Louder than Bombs.” This angst-filled piece has a catchy tune with heavy beats that instantly captures their listeners. The song ends with the group promising to sing eternally to their fans.

Track 11: “ON”

The lead single is a powerful piece revealing the pain that has accompanied their fame over the last seven years of their careers. The overall vibe is very energetic and empowering, with marching band-style drums as the main beat. “ON” is an inversion of the title of their early single “N.O.,” which symbolizes how much change the group went through in the past seven years.

Track 13: “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

Contrasting from the previous song, “Zero O’Clock” features the vocalists, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and V, as the quartet sings about the happiness that comes as the clock strikes midnight.

Track 15: “Friends”

“Friends” is a cheery chant sung by V and Jimin, as they reflect on their deep friendship and how they are soulmates that flourish in each other’s differences.

Track 18: “We are Bulletproof : the Eternal”

This emotional track was dedicated to expressing how BTS, was only seven, but became larger than just themselves and eternal due to the love and support of their fans. This piece was a sequel to “We are Bulletproof, Pt. 2” that was featured on their debut album.