Freshman Camaron Steen takes his passion for dance to the next level

   To perfect their performance, dancers and artists have to practice for countless hours. Freshman Camaron Steen is part of the West Ranch Hip Hop team and knows all about the time, commitment and effort that is put into dancing.

   Steen’s passion for dance has led him to dance professionally for the past five years. Even when he was just five years old, Steen “would always run home from school and just watch Michael Jackson videos, trying to follow his moves.” Ever since then, Michael Jackson has been a huge inspiration throughout Steen’s dancing career. 

   Although many high school students are struggling to find their passions and goals, Steen has already set his mind to working hard to go on tour with a professional artist. As he continues to receive opportunities, Steen hopes to turn his hobby into a job after high school. 

   He has also received numerous opportunities for his talents. Steen has starred on Disney and Nickelodeon, and danced for many artists such as Justin Bieber, ASAP Rocky, J Cole and Becky G. He also performed at the BET awards and the Kids Choice Awards.

   “Dance can be challenging sometimes when I get in my head and when I have the fear of people judging me, so I feel insecure,” says Steen.

   However, he always keeps a positive mindset and is able to get rid of his nerves. There have been times when Steen felt stuck or afraid that people might judge his dancing, but what kept him going was thinking positively and persevering to be the best he can be.

   Steen states that dancing has taught him “that it’s okay to express how you feel and to let the music move and guide you.” He explains that dancing is not just about moving to the music, but expressing yourself and putting your heart and soul into it. When he dances, he connects to the music and “feels like a part of it.”

   Dancing will always be a huge part of Steen’s life. The Paw Print hopes to see Steen achieve his dreams and succeed as a young dancer.