Caden Miller: eat, sleep, breathe, dance


Ashley Park, Editor-in-Chief

It is a popular belief that being a part of the dance industry at a young age doesn’t leave room to be present at school. Yet Caden Miller defies the norm. 

15 year-old Caden Miller is now a West Ranch wildcat, participating in online school every day while juggling his growing career in the dance industry. Specializing in both dancing and acting, Miller commits his time outside of school to reach his goal of working professionally as a dancer. 

Miller began dancing at the age of four and hasn’t stopped dancing since. After inspiration struck him after a single performance, his interest in dance ignited and soared. 

“When I was a kid I saw a dance show and I saw guys dancing in it. It was really amazing and inspired me to dance and became my passion,” Miller explained.

The aspirations Miller sets for himself demand a great amount of time and energy. He spends about 23-25 hours a week training and taking classes from a variety of teachers. 

Seeing that hip hop is one of the leading styles of dance in commercials and music videos, Miller goes to the larger, more famously-known dance complexes like Millenium, The Edge and Playground LA to take advanced hip hop classes. 

Being surrounded by professional dancers at the dance complexes mentioned above comes with a whirlwind of intimidation and pressure. However, Miller stays unphased. His ability to perform well under pressure allows Miller to shine in class and be recognized by choreographers. 

“I do hip hop the most because a lot of the teachers at Millenium teach hip hop, and I like taking a lot of hip hop classes because it’s super fun and I love it,” he said. 

Miller stated in an interview with The Paw Print that hip hop is one of his top three favorite styles, but later revealed his number one spot. 

“I love hip hop,” Miller begins, “but contemporary is probably my favorite because you just get to move in different ways that you never thought you could move in.”  

After years of training and dancing, Miller now has an impressive résumé. 

“I’ve been a backup dancer in a lot of music videos with Jojo Siwa. I’ve also performed at VidCon. I’ve danced on Nickelodeon Lip-Sync Shorties and Disney’s FamJam,” he shares. 

Aside from going to school and dancing gigs, Miller is also a part of LA Dance Magic’s company. With the competition and convention, he travels to different states throughout the nation and assists the classes during the convention. 

With every dream career comes a dream job, and the sky’s the limit for Miller. 

“I would love to pursue dance after high school. I would love to be in movies or more music videos or just any job where I’m dancing or acting,” he confesses. “My dream job is to go on tour as a backup dancer for Justin Bieber or Usher or any artist like that.” 

Miller is on the path to achieving his dreams and on the road to success. Watch out for Caden Miller on Disney’s FamJam every Sunday!